Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Trial of Jenny Nix _Part 1

Jenny is a girl with lots of problems...she's usually very nice and knows how to have good clean fun but her past is filled with regrets and moments that she wishes she could take back.

One beautiful, normal day, Ed is enjoying his free time by relaxing in his lounge. He soon gets a knock on his door and he opens it to find the Messenger of the Gods, Hermes. Excited to see a young, nude, hansom man covered only by clouds outside of his door, Ed proceeds to flirt by daring the messenger boy to come in for something "hot and steamy" *sips the tea*. Hermes laughs, flirts back, but declines and gives Ed a message from Poseidon. The Messenger Boy flies away and Ed goes back inside. He sits in the Glee room reading the message out loud.

“You have been called as a main witness to the parole hearing of Jenny Nix, in front of the High Grand Court of the Sea.” Ed looks over the note a few times before the idea finally sets in. He was being called to witness on Jenny's behalf in front of the Parole Board of the Gods.

As instructed on the note, Ed and Shark arrive at the Kingdom of the Sea and are to speak on the actions and duty Jen had been hired to do on Ed's show. A beautiful palace lay before the two of them. There were so many hansom and beautiful people and fish folk there, all in business suits and work attire. They get to the court room where the see Jen in the defendants chair and they wave to her. She does not wave back.

Moments later Poseidon himself arrives on a large octopus and sits with 5 other powerful figures by his side, Rhode (his daughter) being one of them. They call up a director that Shark remembers from the TV show that he and Jen were working on before they worked on Ed's show. They asked if Jen performed well at her job for him and he responded calling Jen negative and uncooperative. Shark says to Ed that the director wasn't a very good, positive, or cooperative at his job, that this guy shouldn’t be calling Jen such things either. They call 5 other people up that had some association with Jen. Shark did not recognize any of them, and they all said that, while Jen did her job well, she never seemed to perform with the best of her ability.

They called up Koshi Kappa, who Ed remembers from an earlier event as the lawyer to a rival Eel, Gulper (more on that later). Koshi explains about how he and Jen dated and how their break up was not a pleasant one. Koshi is not a morally sound soul himself, as Poseidon tells Koshi that his crimes are not being judged in this court today. The court takes a recess, so Shark and Ed take some time to gross out over the idea of the two of them having a romantic relationship. Eddie tries to take this time to talk to Jen about what is going on and why she's on trial. The bailiffs stop Ed but The Oracles speak of the story of Jen:

328 years ago around the docks of old England, Jen was born of wind and seaweed. Jen would watch the young children play around the docks and would beg to join in their games. The children of the docks would ignore her and throw things at her, calling her an ugly seaweed girl. One boy was so mean that he fished her out of the ocean just to pick on her and beat her up. To save herself she dragged the boy back down into the ocean with her and drowned him.

After that, the children stayed away from her and didn't even dare to call her names to her face. But Jen would follow them, hide under the docks, and listen to the things they would say about her when they thought that she wasn’t around. Because of this, she would set pranks for them, such as loosening the dock boards to where they’d break under the kid’s pressure, drowning them once they fell.

Jen was soon teasing children and picking on them, even to the point of coming up onto the docks to push them around and steal their toys. Parents and other people of the docks didn't know what to do as they thought that their kids were just being careless. Soon no child was allowed to venture over the sea, and Jen had even started causing trouble for fishermen and other travelers around the docks.

One day Jen sees a young girl walking across he docks, skipping along cheerfully. Jen goes up to meet her and steal the toys and food she carried. The girl willingly offers up her gifts, asking for Jen’s friendship in the process. Jen agrees, but only with the hopes of dragging the girl into the ocean. The two of them walk together for a while, this young girl showing nothing but kindness and caring to Jen, complimenting everything about her. The young girl gives nothing but kindness and joy to Jen as she compliments everything about her. Jen nods at all of this and says nothing until the gets to the docks. It is then that she simply says “shut up” and pushes her into the water. Laughing, Jen begins to walk away, but is disrupted by a huge wave coming up from the ocean.

From the wave comes the daughter of Poseidon, Rhode, to punish Jen for her failure of the test she was just given. Even when confronted with kindness and friendship, Jen has no pure heart to appreciate the gifts she had been given. She had drowned 5 young children, 3 of which meant no harm to Jen. Those children were saved by Rhode by being turned into fish, so Jen must forever entertain the children of fish for the length of which each child would've lived if they were not killed by Jen and her actions.

Jenny begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. She was cast deep into the ocean to care for all children of the deep. Every few years, she is brought before the High Grand Court of the Sea to be tested on her duties. If she does not meet the standards set, she is sent back for another 5 years to make for the damage brought forth from her.

To be Continued...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Draw Eddie

Hello there. Wanted to give you guys a more complete and humorous model sheet of Eddie Eel. Plus I wanted to show off some of the neat pics other people have done for me.

This is done by Shmee of DeviantArt. Love her stuff and she's really cool.> http://shmeecherz.deviantart.com/

The little pink one below here was done by LusoPakak from FA. Thanks a lot man.

The pencil sketch at the end is done by a cool guy Yuski, he does his own comics and lots of neat drawings. > http://yuski.deviantart.com/

Here is another silly sketch of Ed as Dr. Clayton Forrester and Shark as TV's Frank, by my pal named Spooky Burrito.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 3: Round up

While I'm in the process of writing out a story about Jenny Nix let me give you a run down of a few ideas I've had for some of Ed's daily life. These ideas are pretty rough and not all of them are as solid as say the few I've written out here already.

Eddie and Shark go into a period piece where the two of them are traveling sales men from the early 1870s, selling science fact to the ignorant masses. Their efforts are not greeted with warm welcome and are soon chased back to present times.

Ed takes the audience on a tour of the night life. Showing some of the crazy things that goes on at night, even what adults do for fun...dancing poorly to classic rock at an English pub. While there he finds how close of friends Jen and Shark really are.

Ed catches a cold from some of the people in the audience and goes to the doctor to get something to cure him. While there the nurses and doctors start to perform terrible embarrassing test on Ed, cause him to get sicker and more messed up then when he went in before. Shark is skeptical, but Ed trust that the doctors wouldn't do these things unless they thought it was necessary. Shark investigates the purpose of the doctors actions and finds that Gulper is the doctor in charge of all the tests, hypnotizing the hospital staff into thinking it was safe. Will Ed be saved before Gulper does something far more terrible to him?

Ed goes on a walk every morning and likes to meet new people every day. He likes to knock on people's doors to wish them a healthy welcome in the morning. Most of them he knows don't like to be bothered but if they're willing to have a conversation with him, he's glad to get to know more about his community. He walks by the Spanish speaking residents and every day says something to them in Spanish that he learned the day before. He asks people why they have large metal fences when their drive ways aren't very big. He gets invited to old ladies house for tea. He pays heed to people with a private property signs. Ed is a local treasure and public nuisance.

Dream scape 1: Eddie invents a machine that shows what type of dreams he has. This one is a parody of the jolly holiday scene from Marry Poppins. He and a jolly dressed Jenny share a romp across the English country side where the two of them express their love for each other. The two of them go to a sunny ska concert where Ed tells the grand life story of Gandhi to the theme of Supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous. Ed wakes up quite upset to find out none of it happened but it gives him inspiration to go out and make it true.

Dream Scape 2: Ed takes his dream machine to fallow Shark's dreams. Ed ventures through Sharks head as the two of them fight off monsters and aliens. Ed notices that Shark's mind is alot darker then his own and learns more about Sharks life and his deep competition with his movie star brother, Donny. Half way through Shark wakes up to see Ed starting at him in bed, but Ed gets Shark to go back to sleep unaware that he ever woke up. Soon the dream's theme changes dramatically and it starts to turn more into a nightmare. Ed feels that if he can help Shark in his dream he can over come his fears in real life but Ed finds himself alone stuck in Shark's nightmare. What has Ed gotten himself into this time?

Ed has trouble with women. He hasn't dated since he lost his last girlfriend Nessie (who he now pretends to talk like her as if she's a real person in his head), but he feels like he needs to get back on the wagon again. With the assistance of a dashing local ladies man, Ed learns all the tricks and trades of getting the women to go gaga over him. Ed soon learns why ladies like his teacher so much and finds himself going gaga over him instead of the girls. How will Ed break the news to his new friend?

4 young boys were arrested for robbing a local bank. Ed, upset over this, makes a daring request to the court asking that he be in charge of the punishment for the boys by having them work in his cave to help dig a new path through his house. The boys prove to be stubborn and mean enough but Ed's method of hard work with respect might get these boys to really value what they have and how to get them on the right path...certainly more so when there is a treasure trove of gold to be digging to.

A famous Toy designer comes to Ed's show to show-off lots of amazing toys. , Some really awesome ones, some really naughty ones and toys that are just plain creepy. One toy gets left behind and starts to act crazy. Jen thinks it's haunted but no one believes her. Soon she's on a hunt for an evil toy that's trying to destroy the show. How will she save the day?

Please keep an eye out for an epic Halloween story as well. That should have more development as Halloween draws closer...keep fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 2

Lips McJabber
One day on the set Eddie hears voices telling him to say things and do things. It causes the staff to be a bit confused (regardless of his reputation of going off script with some crazy idea he has) and address the issue after the production is done. Eddie explains that it did cause an unusual result, but he didn't think people in the audience were upset by it. Later that night, while alone writing out new ideas for tomorrow, he hears the voice again and demands that he come out of hiding ("You're not one of the usual voices I have in my head! Now show yourself"). The voice appears as the Legendary Lips McJabber, a rock god famous for his magical musical rhythms of love, peace, and glam rock (as you can imagine, Lips is just a big pair of lips with arms and legs and large long flowing hair. He sounds like a chipmunk version of Ringo Star). Eddie asks why Lips has contacted him, but Lips only explains to him to read his latest musings on the next show.

For a few episodes the staff allow Eddie to read out the passages of Lips crazy poems, but Jen makes clear the people are not digging it and once aired ratings will fall...until the 1st poem airs on TV and the next day a huge group of crazy people show up to the production stage. They claim to Eddie that they are the Followers of Lips McJabber, that Lips speaks through people and they must fallow his preachings where ever he may show. They fill the seats one by one, smelly, sweaty, slimy and scaring all the kids. After every Lips phrase Ed says, they call out 'To Lips, speak the Jabber!" or "He has spoken! Praise the Lips!". The Followers leave but not far as they set up campsites outside Ed's cave awaiting the next production day.

Concerned, Shark fallows Ed back to his room to talk about Lips and if this is some crazy promotional stunt, it needs to stop. Ed agrees and calls out the Lips, "Lips get out here, this is not the target audience I am producing my show for, get out here and fix this." Lips comes out and asks why Ed does not wish to spread his teachings anymore, saying that only those of pure heart can truly speak his words. Ed tells him about the Followers, "Oh terribly sorry mate. Seems like they're catching on faster then normally now aren't they? I can never out run those lazy buggers."
Sharks expression has grown into a wild concern as he sees Ed talk to himself. "Ed who are you talking to?"
Ed "What you can't see a giant pair of lips staring at you?"
Shark, "N-No...Oh wait now I see him."

Lips apologies for the craziness he has brought and would leave right away. The next day the Followers sit back in the stands again and start saying their praises after every normal thing Ed says. Ed frustrated at this point calls the cameras off to talk to these followers "Lips has one more thing to say to you people. 'Blahblah bilididi BlahBlahBlah, Get out!'"...and they leave. Jen turns to shark to tell him they have just contacted the psychiatric ward and if he still spouts crazy talk again.
Ed quickly retors to Jen, as if to let her know he can always hear what she was saying "Oh Jenny, Lips wasn't here to make us afraid of things we can't see, because peace and love is always there even though we can't see it. And I wouldn't call love a crazy thing, but it sure has some crazy followers." The staff nods in agreement, Jen huffs, and they go back to their posts to continue production. In the background Lips waves and says good bye.

No Top No Problem
A warm day in the ocean has brought our protagonist Ed to the roof of his house for some nice sun bathing...and some literal sun bathing when low tide hits ("*cough**gag*Low tide") and he watches his cloths get carried out into the sea. He chases after them only see see Jenny walking around his town for some weekend shopping. Jen wigs out to see Ed nude but Ed just says that everyone's used to it in town (another nude fish walks by). Ed notices her cloths:
"Well look at you. I didn't know YOU could dress so lively. Where'd you get that top? I want it.
Oh I don't know, it was so long ago they don't make it anymore.
I want that top,*starts picking at it* Let me have it. Let me have it.
No, stop that. Go to your house and get one of your monkey suits."
Ed's whining gets progressively worse as he starts to chase her around town and demanding to wear that top. Through every window, behind lamp posts, in magazines and getting other people to harass Jenny to give up the shirt. Jen keeps her cool fairly well through the ordeal being satisfied she's got something Ed wants and she won't give in. In one of Ed's attempts to snag her top a police man is around and she gets smugly satisfied about it. Ed takes her to the side and talk like adults about the issue.
"Jen I need to come clean. I am really glad to see you in a happy state. No offense but I've only seen you in such drab and sloppy peasant clothing I'm surprised and elated to see this great combination of fashion on you. And I DO really mean that, cause I do care about you. And you're happiness is always important.
*Jen looks at Ed for a bit*...Hehehe, you just want this top so badly.
YES give it me!"
He chases her as she runs away in giggly glee.
A few hours have gone by at this point and Ed is still stalking Jen over that top. Her energy has worn down by this time but she is satisfied that she has something Ed can't have and sings about it to herself. Meanwhile growing weary, Ed calls up Shark for advice.
"Shark, you know Jen, what can I say to let her give me barrow a shirt of hers.
...Let me barrow that top? I don't know she's a girl, you 'otta know the lingo better then I.
But it's not working.
Dude, why would want to wear her cloths, they're just gonna be all stretched out, they won't fit you.
Are you kidding that's the best part. It's a cute top, perfect color for me and it'd drape over me like I was some poor little tramp who can't afford form fitting cloths!
Anyway you're not helping me with this chatter. Need ideas, more ideas.
Well, is it one she likes?
Yes, she's wearing it, I'm looking at it, it's really cute.
Well dur, she's not going to give you that while she's wearing it.
I afforded to bye her a newer cuter one. Free money I thought she likes that.
Well then that's what you need to do, cause she's not just gonna take the shirt off in public.
What a shame. Alright thanks, bye! *click*
So Ed catches up to Jen while eating lunch and he panics to see her eating some big sloppy burger. Jen teases by eating fires with dripping catchup.
"AHH! No! Bad carbs bad carbs! Go away!
Hay, I need to eat and I need to wear this shirt.
Jen I swear I will buy you a new one for that one.
I have picky taste
Hehehe, Do you now?
Yes I do, meheheheh *mocking his laugh*
Nehehehe *mocking her mocking of his laugh*"
The laughing gets progressively stupider until Ed says "Alright, lets Go!" and pulls her to the nearest store.
Once in there Jen starts to nag about everything Ed offers to buy her, from the froo-froo, to the gothic, even to the expensive for the sake of being expensive. Jen, in a mean girl type way gets up and leaves the store just to spite Ed but before she exits she's something in the corner of her eye that stalls her for a second to look at the rack. She catches her self and resumes her previous expression, but Ed stops her.
"Ahhhh! I see what you did there! You saw something you like. Don't think I don't know what a 10-yard fashion stare looks like. You saw this little gem (pulls it out of the rack) from 10-yards away and your body couldn't move fast enough to keep your eyes off of it .
*Jen pouts as she nods her head in agreement*
*Ed pats her shoulders* Happened to the best of us dear. To the dressing room."
Moments later Jen walks out of the dressing room in her new garb and hands the other shirt to Ed who dashes into the dressing room to put on the top he loves. In the dressing room you can hear him moaning and agreeing with the mirror. He bursts the doors open in a fabulous pose and starts to run his hands down his body as he expresses joy over the feel of the shirt on his skin. Jen just shakes her head at him, and he gives her a big hug in thanks and skips to the counter to pay for her new shirt. Jen is noticeably unexcited.

Later at night he calls Shark up to talk about the results of his endeavors.
"I mean I do plan to give her shirt back to her, Shark, I don't know why it was such a struggle for her. She got a new cute top out of it too. She probably won't wear that either.
Ed, Jen so sadistic that just the idea you couldn't have her shirt made her happy. I mean that's how she is. Not like she gets off to it but she really likes to see people squirm.
Ohm, there is a lot more I need to fix with Jenny then just her attire then isn't it?
Hmm, my victory is short lived then...*snaps fingers* BathBeads! That's why I went into town. Call ya back later *click*"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 1

Figured I need to get some plot ideas down just so I don't forget about them and you can tell me if they sound like good ideas.

Lost Intern (working title)
Eddie's show is filmed in front of a live audience in his house. The show gets recored on certain days of the week and he invites locals to sit in and be apart action. The network airs the recorded ep several months later, but it's a pretty actively recorded show, usually when ever Eddie has something crazy to show the audience. One day after production, while Eddie and the rest of the staff go off to talk about something off camera, Jenny tells an intern to clean up the mess left from that day's production. While sweeping he notices some dust going behind Eddie's Entrance curtain in the center of the stage. Voices of the Glee Club ( character info: The Glee Club is the name of all the Barnacles, Limpets and other wall clinging creatures of the deep that are in Eddie's main stage. The whole stage is called the Glee Room.) start to whisper to the intern, telling him to enter. Despite what he's been told about the curtain by Jenny (DO NOT ENTER, you'll get lost back there), he goes behind the curtain and disappears. Few moments later everyone enters the Glee Room to finish closing up, but Jenny notices the intern didn't finish his job. The Glee Club announces he went behind the curtain, and Eddie jokefully scolds them for telling to do it. Frustrated about loosing a staff member to Eddie's crazy maze of a house, tells him to go look for him. Eddie agrees only if Shark and Jen accompany him.

So the three of them set off to find the intern in Eddie's house. They head to the lounge (which is a white 70's styled room with a large glass wall showing the feet of live action human's walking by, like a human fish tank), they head into Eddie's Lab which is like walking into a 50's b-movie horror flick with a lava lamp background, constantly swirling around. From there they head up large mountains, an Octopuses' garden, dark caverns full of gold, through gears, and crazy twists and turns. After a few hours of this Ed is still full of energy and vigor while his friends have lost hope and are certain they have gotten lost. Jen begs Eddie to just take them back to the Glee Room so they can go home, but Ed insists that he still has to show him HIS bedroom. When they get there the intern is sitting on Ed's Bed (which is a giant talking clam) just chillin', having that room been the 1st place he ended up (Ed tells the intern not to listen to a thing the bed tells him, "It's all lies...hehe, Lies get it? Seriously I don't do those things in bed.") Jen gets angry at Ed about this run around, he says he wanted to give his new friends a tour of his house. Jen leaves in a huff but the intern and Shark thank him for the house warming tour and they go home.

Meat or Not to Meat
While on stage during filming Shark always has something to eat. He sits in front of a fridge on the left side of the stage and makes sandwiches or other meals until Ed asks him to help with something. On this particular day Eddie asked what type of sandwich Shark had made, for it smelled pretty rank. It was tuna. The audience laughed at the concept, so Eddie played with it making it look like staged joke. So as the show ends Ed takes Shark to his lab, explaining how upset that he would actually eat tuna on stage. Shark gives Ed a hard time about his vegetarian habits, that Ed's slim figure comes from not eating enough meat and that one day it might just kill him.

Ed takes Shark to his lab to show him his non-meat substitutes that help curve his cravings (as Eels are carnivorous and he chooses not to eat anything that would watch his show.) He makes a tongue paint, that will make anything that touches Sharks tongue taste like meat. This fails as shark likes the taste of his tongue so much he starts to bite it. Ed makes a smoothy of popper fizzy stuff that fills your tummy with air to make you less hungry but regrets doing it as it just makes Shark brup up tuna smells. Shark asks Ed about other types of meat such as Chicken, Beef, Pork and Human (which Ed had to think about answering that one, but answers no).

The only thing Ed regrets about a no meat diet is giving up gelatin. Because of this Ed is in development of a special none meat Gello, he calls Fmellotin. Made from vegetable oil, food coloring, fruit extracts and a secret ingredient, made of pure fat a full serving of Fmellotin is a 1X1 inch cube. Eating anymore then that can cause serious weight gain and health problems. Plus can cause sharks to go into feeding frenzies...course he didn't learn that until he gave Shark a taste. Shark begs Eddie for more but when Eddie refuses he attacks the lab and eats as much Fmellotin as he can get his jaws around. Bloated and sick Shark begs Eddie for help. Thinking hard Ed thinks about what could do to help shark digest the Fmello in his belly fast enough so he doesn't explode. Ed finds protein would help Shark digest better and give him energy he needs to work off the weight, but feels bad that he's gotta cook meat. With a special brew of Eggs, bean and prunes Ed gets his friend back to normal. (ending needs work).