Monday, October 12, 2015

RedBubble Store GROWS

I have plenty of new designs for sale over in my RedBubble store. 

During the month of October we celebrate a thing called INKtober. Where you do your best to draw everyday a drawing with paper and ink. 

I have a huge collection of Birds. From tall, to extra feathery, to small and round. 
Find prints of the Crazy Birds here on RedBubble! 

I've been drawing this Bat for a while now. Finally working on the best design of him where he's a force to be reckoned with. I never found anything too scary about Fangs and Wings, they're just cool things to have. Accessories of necessity. 

And I have MORE designs. Fanart of characters I like and designs I'm selling.

             Black and Yellow                                    Mi Torta!
          Pacman and his friend Mr Game                                  Amethyst from the show Steven
            and they both appear together                                   Universe has a terrible (not so terrible)
             in Super Smash Bros 4 for                                        experience when her favorite meal
             the WiiU and 3DS. They both                                   is blasted into slime and she calls out
              love the simpler things like                                        "NOOOO! Mi TORTAAAAAH!"
                    chasing after dots!

Please check out all the other designs available in my Store and be aware you can get them on NEARLY EVERYTHING imaginable. Prints, mugs, t-shirts, pants, stickers...and some in any color.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Stuff For Sale ON Red Bubble -Love of Mother

So here is a nice collection of things for sale over at Red Bubble. Mostly fanart but for those of you wanting to get a design, this is where you find it.

Starman Own Earth                           4 Headed Villager 
currently comes in 3 other styles, and more to come                     

                        Duster Trucker                                             PKSlime 

Going to Red Bubble also means you can see all the other previous designs there for sale. Shirts in a verity of styles sizes and colors, stickers, Coffee Mugs, Cell phone covers, laptop skins, canvas bags...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Please share and enjoy. Thanks.

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Love Letter to a Game I've Never Played: EARTHBOUND!

Don't know how many of you are familiar with Earthbound...or Mother 2 in Japan... But I recommend this game to everyone into video games.

When it was released in 1995 I wasn't familiar with it at all, and my only knowledge of it's exsistance was Ness being a playable fighter in Super Smash Brother for the Nintendo 64. When I finally looked into the game I was so amazed to see how quirky and nostalgic it was. Not in the nostalgic in that it's good because I saw it as a child, but in that it makes you remember instances playing it as if you were reliving them again. 

Earthbound is a turn based RPG (role playing game), where you can customize the characters names and even their favorite foods, where you go your world, finding pieces of a melody to defeat a horrible evil presence seeking to destroy everything you care about. Anyone who knows of the game will tell you, you gotta experience it for yourself. It might be one of the best video game experiences one could have on a personal level.  While it's graphics are cute, the game contains some dark undertones that give it a unique flair to an otherwise happy game. It'll strike many emotions out of you. I've not heard many people say the game was bad, but certainly play it when you need some time to reflect and get away from your own worldly problems. 

I have made some stickers and shirts of the two designs of Ness and Jeff here over at RedBubble. If you like them please go check them out. Certainly if you know a friend who's really into the game or anything like that. 

Attack of the Mad Duck                                    Spiteful Smash

SO where do I get my hands on such a game? Why on the Nintendo Wii U, through the Virtual Console. It's quite odd how I've mostly wanted to buy a Wii U just to support a game I never had a chance to play as a kid. For the mean while, I am spending my time just drawing up the characters while listening to the music. This game is the greatest movie ever told...and you should at least give it a look. Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stuff I sell

I spend a lot of time making stuff to sell at events. I've had buttons produced from and when I get enough money I'd like to make use of some of their charms. I get postcards made by and their quality has always been nice.

In bad news, Pateron isn't working out that well. Something about their software won't allow me to make charged posts, and I've addressed this to them and they haven't fixed it. I'll update that when I know.

One day I would really love to figure out how to get my shirts sold or get people to use my shops. People have suggested Etzy but with Society 6 it doesn't cost me to post my art for em. At the same time I don't make a decent enough profit off the expensive price... HOWEVER It's a really nice site with some great artists on it.

So LOOK AT THE Society 6 gallery for my art featured on products.  Look at the things you can get.
You'll be able to see products like my Ghost Tongues there. Ghost Tongues is also on my Inkster gallery, and if you're not happy with Society 6, please look at Inkster too. I'll have Red Bubble fixed up too to sell more things eventually.