Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 2

Lips McJabber
One day on the set Eddie hears voices telling him to say things and do things. It causes the staff to be a bit confused (regardless of his reputation of going off script with some crazy idea he has) and address the issue after the production is done. Eddie explains that it did cause an unusual result, but he didn't think people in the audience were upset by it. Later that night, while alone writing out new ideas for tomorrow, he hears the voice again and demands that he come out of hiding ("You're not one of the usual voices I have in my head! Now show yourself"). The voice appears as the Legendary Lips McJabber, a rock god famous for his magical musical rhythms of love, peace, and glam rock (as you can imagine, Lips is just a big pair of lips with arms and legs and large long flowing hair. He sounds like a chipmunk version of Ringo Star). Eddie asks why Lips has contacted him, but Lips only explains to him to read his latest musings on the next show.

For a few episodes the staff allow Eddie to read out the passages of Lips crazy poems, but Jen makes clear the people are not digging it and once aired ratings will fall...until the 1st poem airs on TV and the next day a huge group of crazy people show up to the production stage. They claim to Eddie that they are the Followers of Lips McJabber, that Lips speaks through people and they must fallow his preachings where ever he may show. They fill the seats one by one, smelly, sweaty, slimy and scaring all the kids. After every Lips phrase Ed says, they call out 'To Lips, speak the Jabber!" or "He has spoken! Praise the Lips!". The Followers leave but not far as they set up campsites outside Ed's cave awaiting the next production day.

Concerned, Shark fallows Ed back to his room to talk about Lips and if this is some crazy promotional stunt, it needs to stop. Ed agrees and calls out the Lips, "Lips get out here, this is not the target audience I am producing my show for, get out here and fix this." Lips comes out and asks why Ed does not wish to spread his teachings anymore, saying that only those of pure heart can truly speak his words. Ed tells him about the Followers, "Oh terribly sorry mate. Seems like they're catching on faster then normally now aren't they? I can never out run those lazy buggers."
Sharks expression has grown into a wild concern as he sees Ed talk to himself. "Ed who are you talking to?"
Ed "What you can't see a giant pair of lips staring at you?"
Shark, "N-No...Oh wait now I see him."

Lips apologies for the craziness he has brought and would leave right away. The next day the Followers sit back in the stands again and start saying their praises after every normal thing Ed says. Ed frustrated at this point calls the cameras off to talk to these followers "Lips has one more thing to say to you people. 'Blahblah bilididi BlahBlahBlah, Get out!'"...and they leave. Jen turns to shark to tell him they have just contacted the psychiatric ward and if he still spouts crazy talk again.
Ed quickly retors to Jen, as if to let her know he can always hear what she was saying "Oh Jenny, Lips wasn't here to make us afraid of things we can't see, because peace and love is always there even though we can't see it. And I wouldn't call love a crazy thing, but it sure has some crazy followers." The staff nods in agreement, Jen huffs, and they go back to their posts to continue production. In the background Lips waves and says good bye.

No Top No Problem
A warm day in the ocean has brought our protagonist Ed to the roof of his house for some nice sun bathing...and some literal sun bathing when low tide hits ("*cough**gag*Low tide") and he watches his cloths get carried out into the sea. He chases after them only see see Jenny walking around his town for some weekend shopping. Jen wigs out to see Ed nude but Ed just says that everyone's used to it in town (another nude fish walks by). Ed notices her cloths:
"Well look at you. I didn't know YOU could dress so lively. Where'd you get that top? I want it.
Oh I don't know, it was so long ago they don't make it anymore.
I want that top,*starts picking at it* Let me have it. Let me have it.
No, stop that. Go to your house and get one of your monkey suits."
Ed's whining gets progressively worse as he starts to chase her around town and demanding to wear that top. Through every window, behind lamp posts, in magazines and getting other people to harass Jenny to give up the shirt. Jen keeps her cool fairly well through the ordeal being satisfied she's got something Ed wants and she won't give in. In one of Ed's attempts to snag her top a police man is around and she gets smugly satisfied about it. Ed takes her to the side and talk like adults about the issue.
"Jen I need to come clean. I am really glad to see you in a happy state. No offense but I've only seen you in such drab and sloppy peasant clothing I'm surprised and elated to see this great combination of fashion on you. And I DO really mean that, cause I do care about you. And you're happiness is always important.
*Jen looks at Ed for a bit*...Hehehe, you just want this top so badly.
YES give it me!"
He chases her as she runs away in giggly glee.
A few hours have gone by at this point and Ed is still stalking Jen over that top. Her energy has worn down by this time but she is satisfied that she has something Ed can't have and sings about it to herself. Meanwhile growing weary, Ed calls up Shark for advice.
"Shark, you know Jen, what can I say to let her give me barrow a shirt of hers.
...Let me barrow that top? I don't know she's a girl, you 'otta know the lingo better then I.
But it's not working.
Dude, why would want to wear her cloths, they're just gonna be all stretched out, they won't fit you.
Are you kidding that's the best part. It's a cute top, perfect color for me and it'd drape over me like I was some poor little tramp who can't afford form fitting cloths!
Anyway you're not helping me with this chatter. Need ideas, more ideas.
Well, is it one she likes?
Yes, she's wearing it, I'm looking at it, it's really cute.
Well dur, she's not going to give you that while she's wearing it.
I afforded to bye her a newer cuter one. Free money I thought she likes that.
Well then that's what you need to do, cause she's not just gonna take the shirt off in public.
What a shame. Alright thanks, bye! *click*
So Ed catches up to Jen while eating lunch and he panics to see her eating some big sloppy burger. Jen teases by eating fires with dripping catchup.
"AHH! No! Bad carbs bad carbs! Go away!
Hay, I need to eat and I need to wear this shirt.
Jen I swear I will buy you a new one for that one.
I have picky taste
Hehehe, Do you now?
Yes I do, meheheheh *mocking his laugh*
Nehehehe *mocking her mocking of his laugh*"
The laughing gets progressively stupider until Ed says "Alright, lets Go!" and pulls her to the nearest store.
Once in there Jen starts to nag about everything Ed offers to buy her, from the froo-froo, to the gothic, even to the expensive for the sake of being expensive. Jen, in a mean girl type way gets up and leaves the store just to spite Ed but before she exits she's something in the corner of her eye that stalls her for a second to look at the rack. She catches her self and resumes her previous expression, but Ed stops her.
"Ahhhh! I see what you did there! You saw something you like. Don't think I don't know what a 10-yard fashion stare looks like. You saw this little gem (pulls it out of the rack) from 10-yards away and your body couldn't move fast enough to keep your eyes off of it .
*Jen pouts as she nods her head in agreement*
*Ed pats her shoulders* Happened to the best of us dear. To the dressing room."
Moments later Jen walks out of the dressing room in her new garb and hands the other shirt to Ed who dashes into the dressing room to put on the top he loves. In the dressing room you can hear him moaning and agreeing with the mirror. He bursts the doors open in a fabulous pose and starts to run his hands down his body as he expresses joy over the feel of the shirt on his skin. Jen just shakes her head at him, and he gives her a big hug in thanks and skips to the counter to pay for her new shirt. Jen is noticeably unexcited.

Later at night he calls Shark up to talk about the results of his endeavors.
"I mean I do plan to give her shirt back to her, Shark, I don't know why it was such a struggle for her. She got a new cute top out of it too. She probably won't wear that either.
Ed, Jen so sadistic that just the idea you couldn't have her shirt made her happy. I mean that's how she is. Not like she gets off to it but she really likes to see people squirm.
Ohm, there is a lot more I need to fix with Jenny then just her attire then isn't it?
Hmm, my victory is short lived then...*snaps fingers* BathBeads! That's why I went into town. Call ya back later *click*"

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