Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 1

Figured I need to get some plot ideas down just so I don't forget about them and you can tell me if they sound like good ideas.

Lost Intern (working title)
Eddie's show is filmed in front of a live audience in his house. The show gets recored on certain days of the week and he invites locals to sit in and be apart action. The network airs the recorded ep several months later, but it's a pretty actively recorded show, usually when ever Eddie has something crazy to show the audience. One day after production, while Eddie and the rest of the staff go off to talk about something off camera, Jenny tells an intern to clean up the mess left from that day's production. While sweeping he notices some dust going behind Eddie's Entrance curtain in the center of the stage. Voices of the Glee Club ( character info: The Glee Club is the name of all the Barnacles, Limpets and other wall clinging creatures of the deep that are in Eddie's main stage. The whole stage is called the Glee Room.) start to whisper to the intern, telling him to enter. Despite what he's been told about the curtain by Jenny (DO NOT ENTER, you'll get lost back there), he goes behind the curtain and disappears. Few moments later everyone enters the Glee Room to finish closing up, but Jenny notices the intern didn't finish his job. The Glee Club announces he went behind the curtain, and Eddie jokefully scolds them for telling to do it. Frustrated about loosing a staff member to Eddie's crazy maze of a house, tells him to go look for him. Eddie agrees only if Shark and Jen accompany him.

So the three of them set off to find the intern in Eddie's house. They head to the lounge (which is a white 70's styled room with a large glass wall showing the feet of live action human's walking by, like a human fish tank), they head into Eddie's Lab which is like walking into a 50's b-movie horror flick with a lava lamp background, constantly swirling around. From there they head up large mountains, an Octopuses' garden, dark caverns full of gold, through gears, and crazy twists and turns. After a few hours of this Ed is still full of energy and vigor while his friends have lost hope and are certain they have gotten lost. Jen begs Eddie to just take them back to the Glee Room so they can go home, but Ed insists that he still has to show him HIS bedroom. When they get there the intern is sitting on Ed's Bed (which is a giant talking clam) just chillin', having that room been the 1st place he ended up (Ed tells the intern not to listen to a thing the bed tells him, "It's all lies...hehe, Lies get it? Seriously I don't do those things in bed.") Jen gets angry at Ed about this run around, he says he wanted to give his new friends a tour of his house. Jen leaves in a huff but the intern and Shark thank him for the house warming tour and they go home.

Meat or Not to Meat
While on stage during filming Shark always has something to eat. He sits in front of a fridge on the left side of the stage and makes sandwiches or other meals until Ed asks him to help with something. On this particular day Eddie asked what type of sandwich Shark had made, for it smelled pretty rank. It was tuna. The audience laughed at the concept, so Eddie played with it making it look like staged joke. So as the show ends Ed takes Shark to his lab, explaining how upset that he would actually eat tuna on stage. Shark gives Ed a hard time about his vegetarian habits, that Ed's slim figure comes from not eating enough meat and that one day it might just kill him.

Ed takes Shark to his lab to show him his non-meat substitutes that help curve his cravings (as Eels are carnivorous and he chooses not to eat anything that would watch his show.) He makes a tongue paint, that will make anything that touches Sharks tongue taste like meat. This fails as shark likes the taste of his tongue so much he starts to bite it. Ed makes a smoothy of popper fizzy stuff that fills your tummy with air to make you less hungry but regrets doing it as it just makes Shark brup up tuna smells. Shark asks Ed about other types of meat such as Chicken, Beef, Pork and Human (which Ed had to think about answering that one, but answers no).

The only thing Ed regrets about a no meat diet is giving up gelatin. Because of this Ed is in development of a special none meat Gello, he calls Fmellotin. Made from vegetable oil, food coloring, fruit extracts and a secret ingredient, made of pure fat a full serving of Fmellotin is a 1X1 inch cube. Eating anymore then that can cause serious weight gain and health problems. Plus can cause sharks to go into feeding frenzies...course he didn't learn that until he gave Shark a taste. Shark begs Eddie for more but when Eddie refuses he attacks the lab and eats as much Fmellotin as he can get his jaws around. Bloated and sick Shark begs Eddie for help. Thinking hard Ed thinks about what could do to help shark digest the Fmello in his belly fast enough so he doesn't explode. Ed finds protein would help Shark digest better and give him energy he needs to work off the weight, but feels bad that he's gotta cook meat. With a special brew of Eggs, bean and prunes Ed gets his friend back to normal. (ending needs work).

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