Monday, September 21, 2009

Eddie Eel Plot Summeries 3: Round up

While I'm in the process of writing out a story about Jenny Nix let me give you a run down of a few ideas I've had for some of Ed's daily life. These ideas are pretty rough and not all of them are as solid as say the few I've written out here already.

Eddie and Shark go into a period piece where the two of them are traveling sales men from the early 1870s, selling science fact to the ignorant masses. Their efforts are not greeted with warm welcome and are soon chased back to present times.

Ed takes the audience on a tour of the night life. Showing some of the crazy things that goes on at night, even what adults do for fun...dancing poorly to classic rock at an English pub. While there he finds how close of friends Jen and Shark really are.

Ed catches a cold from some of the people in the audience and goes to the doctor to get something to cure him. While there the nurses and doctors start to perform terrible embarrassing test on Ed, cause him to get sicker and more messed up then when he went in before. Shark is skeptical, but Ed trust that the doctors wouldn't do these things unless they thought it was necessary. Shark investigates the purpose of the doctors actions and finds that Gulper is the doctor in charge of all the tests, hypnotizing the hospital staff into thinking it was safe. Will Ed be saved before Gulper does something far more terrible to him?

Ed goes on a walk every morning and likes to meet new people every day. He likes to knock on people's doors to wish them a healthy welcome in the morning. Most of them he knows don't like to be bothered but if they're willing to have a conversation with him, he's glad to get to know more about his community. He walks by the Spanish speaking residents and every day says something to them in Spanish that he learned the day before. He asks people why they have large metal fences when their drive ways aren't very big. He gets invited to old ladies house for tea. He pays heed to people with a private property signs. Ed is a local treasure and public nuisance.

Dream scape 1: Eddie invents a machine that shows what type of dreams he has. This one is a parody of the jolly holiday scene from Marry Poppins. He and a jolly dressed Jenny share a romp across the English country side where the two of them express their love for each other. The two of them go to a sunny ska concert where Ed tells the grand life story of Gandhi to the theme of Supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous. Ed wakes up quite upset to find out none of it happened but it gives him inspiration to go out and make it true.

Dream Scape 2: Ed takes his dream machine to fallow Shark's dreams. Ed ventures through Sharks head as the two of them fight off monsters and aliens. Ed notices that Shark's mind is alot darker then his own and learns more about Sharks life and his deep competition with his movie star brother, Donny. Half way through Shark wakes up to see Ed starting at him in bed, but Ed gets Shark to go back to sleep unaware that he ever woke up. Soon the dream's theme changes dramatically and it starts to turn more into a nightmare. Ed feels that if he can help Shark in his dream he can over come his fears in real life but Ed finds himself alone stuck in Shark's nightmare. What has Ed gotten himself into this time?

Ed has trouble with women. He hasn't dated since he lost his last girlfriend Nessie (who he now pretends to talk like her as if she's a real person in his head), but he feels like he needs to get back on the wagon again. With the assistance of a dashing local ladies man, Ed learns all the tricks and trades of getting the women to go gaga over him. Ed soon learns why ladies like his teacher so much and finds himself going gaga over him instead of the girls. How will Ed break the news to his new friend?

4 young boys were arrested for robbing a local bank. Ed, upset over this, makes a daring request to the court asking that he be in charge of the punishment for the boys by having them work in his cave to help dig a new path through his house. The boys prove to be stubborn and mean enough but Ed's method of hard work with respect might get these boys to really value what they have and how to get them on the right path...certainly more so when there is a treasure trove of gold to be digging to.

A famous Toy designer comes to Ed's show to show-off lots of amazing toys. , Some really awesome ones, some really naughty ones and toys that are just plain creepy. One toy gets left behind and starts to act crazy. Jen thinks it's haunted but no one believes her. Soon she's on a hunt for an evil toy that's trying to destroy the show. How will she save the day?

Please keep an eye out for an epic Halloween story as well. That should have more development as Halloween draws closer...keep fingers crossed.

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