Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Draw Eddie

Hello there. Wanted to give you guys a more complete and humorous model sheet of Eddie Eel. Plus I wanted to show off some of the neat pics other people have done for me.

This is done by Shmee of DeviantArt. Love her stuff and she's really cool.>

The little pink one below here was done by LusoPakak from FA. Thanks a lot man.

The pencil sketch at the end is done by a cool guy Yuski, he does his own comics and lots of neat drawings. >

Here is another silly sketch of Ed as Dr. Clayton Forrester and Shark as TV's Frank, by my pal named Spooky Burrito.


ThomasHjorthaab said...

Cool idea with the modelsheet there! And weel drawn too:)

Atrix said...

Oh man! that model sheed is awesome!!! And it's really nice of them to make your these picures, I've actually made a pic of him for you too! :D

I'm atrixfromice on dA!