Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Trial of Jenny Nix _Part 1

Jenny is a girl with lots of problems...she's usually very nice and knows how to have good clean fun but her past is filled with regrets and moments that she wishes she could take back.

One beautiful, normal day, Ed is enjoying his free time by relaxing in his lounge. He soon gets a knock on his door and he opens it to find the Messenger of the Gods, Hermes. Excited to see a young, nude, hansom man covered only by clouds outside of his door, Ed proceeds to flirt by daring the messenger boy to come in for something "hot and steamy" *sips the tea*. Hermes laughs, flirts back, but declines and gives Ed a message from Poseidon. The Messenger Boy flies away and Ed goes back inside. He sits in the Glee room reading the message out loud.

“You have been called as a main witness to the parole hearing of Jenny Nix, in front of the High Grand Court of the Sea.” Ed looks over the note a few times before the idea finally sets in. He was being called to witness on Jenny's behalf in front of the Parole Board of the Gods.

As instructed on the note, Ed and Shark arrive at the Kingdom of the Sea and are to speak on the actions and duty Jen had been hired to do on Ed's show. A beautiful palace lay before the two of them. There were so many hansom and beautiful people and fish folk there, all in business suits and work attire. They get to the court room where the see Jen in the defendants chair and they wave to her. She does not wave back.

Moments later Poseidon himself arrives on a large octopus and sits with 5 other powerful figures by his side, Rhode (his daughter) being one of them. They call up a director that Shark remembers from the TV show that he and Jen were working on before they worked on Ed's show. They asked if Jen performed well at her job for him and he responded calling Jen negative and uncooperative. Shark says to Ed that the director wasn't a very good, positive, or cooperative at his job, that this guy shouldn’t be calling Jen such things either. They call 5 other people up that had some association with Jen. Shark did not recognize any of them, and they all said that, while Jen did her job well, she never seemed to perform with the best of her ability.

They called up Koshi Kappa, who Ed remembers from an earlier event as the lawyer to a rival Eel, Gulper (more on that later). Koshi explains about how he and Jen dated and how their break up was not a pleasant one. Koshi is not a morally sound soul himself, as Poseidon tells Koshi that his crimes are not being judged in this court today. The court takes a recess, so Shark and Ed take some time to gross out over the idea of the two of them having a romantic relationship. Eddie tries to take this time to talk to Jen about what is going on and why she's on trial. The bailiffs stop Ed but The Oracles speak of the story of Jen:

328 years ago around the docks of old England, Jen was born of wind and seaweed. Jen would watch the young children play around the docks and would beg to join in their games. The children of the docks would ignore her and throw things at her, calling her an ugly seaweed girl. One boy was so mean that he fished her out of the ocean just to pick on her and beat her up. To save herself she dragged the boy back down into the ocean with her and drowned him.

After that, the children stayed away from her and didn't even dare to call her names to her face. But Jen would follow them, hide under the docks, and listen to the things they would say about her when they thought that she wasn’t around. Because of this, she would set pranks for them, such as loosening the dock boards to where they’d break under the kid’s pressure, drowning them once they fell.

Jen was soon teasing children and picking on them, even to the point of coming up onto the docks to push them around and steal their toys. Parents and other people of the docks didn't know what to do as they thought that their kids were just being careless. Soon no child was allowed to venture over the sea, and Jen had even started causing trouble for fishermen and other travelers around the docks.

One day Jen sees a young girl walking across he docks, skipping along cheerfully. Jen goes up to meet her and steal the toys and food she carried. The girl willingly offers up her gifts, asking for Jen’s friendship in the process. Jen agrees, but only with the hopes of dragging the girl into the ocean. The two of them walk together for a while, this young girl showing nothing but kindness and caring to Jen, complimenting everything about her. The young girl gives nothing but kindness and joy to Jen as she compliments everything about her. Jen nods at all of this and says nothing until the gets to the docks. It is then that she simply says “shut up” and pushes her into the water. Laughing, Jen begins to walk away, but is disrupted by a huge wave coming up from the ocean.

From the wave comes the daughter of Poseidon, Rhode, to punish Jen for her failure of the test she was just given. Even when confronted with kindness and friendship, Jen has no pure heart to appreciate the gifts she had been given. She had drowned 5 young children, 3 of which meant no harm to Jen. Those children were saved by Rhode by being turned into fish, so Jen must forever entertain the children of fish for the length of which each child would've lived if they were not killed by Jen and her actions.

Jenny begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. She was cast deep into the ocean to care for all children of the deep. Every few years, she is brought before the High Grand Court of the Sea to be tested on her duties. If she does not meet the standards set, she is sent back for another 5 years to make for the damage brought forth from her.

To be Continued...

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