Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Trial of Jenny Nix _Part 2

Continued from Part 1 here>> . The image below relates mostly to stuff from the 1st part because Koshi only appears once in this story, but I figure I'd draw what I figured he's look like.

After hearing the story Ed and Shark take some serious thought about who they thought Jenny was. Shark was not aware of any of this and Ed wouldn't have asked, but he was not going to let those things stop him from taking Jenny as his Director. Ed knew Jen needed help, but this story gave him more of a reason to not give up on her, to help her become a better, happier person.

Ed was then called up to the stand and was asked how Jenny performed her tasks. Ed truthfully said every nice thing he could say about her, and even used her negative attributes as a way of making Jen's purpose on the show useful and helpful. The Council was silent for a while as they wrote down what Ed was saying. Without them asking, Ed made his grand proposal to be Jenny's caretaker. No matter what their decision was, he would be there to guide Jenny on the path of righteousness, as her purpose in his life means more to him than just someone who works on his show. They thank Ed for his words, but Ed interrupts once more with a few more grand words about who she is. Jenny is seen fuming in her chair as the bailiff is needed to remove Ed from the stand.

They call Shark up to the stand and he gives his two cents and makes public note that everyone that called up before were not the right people to be asking to judge the work efforts of Jenny. They inform Shark that it's about what she was supposed to do and if she wasn't doing her job right then they have to ask the people who were in charge. Shark takes those comments personally and starts to rant off a list of terrible things each of the other people in the court were doing. The Council just points the bailiffs to Shark and they take him away. Jen smiles a bit to see Shark stand up for her.

The Council announces their decision: while the current situation provides Jenny with a job involved with children's entertainment, she has failed to maintain a more useful position in child care up to this point and her choice of friends and employers shows she still lacks the positive atmosphere needed to give said children the correct care. Therefore, she must be removed from this position and placed with our facilities until further notice...

In a flash, Ed swims up and snatches Jen out of her seat and dashes for the door. With equal quickness the Gods call out to close the doors before they can escape, and only manage to close on Ed's tail. The pain causes him to drop Jenny outside the door but he regains his composer and picks her up to take her away again. Ed jets around the palace being chased by numerous guards, while Jen yells at Ed to stop this chase or the two of them will be put in jail. Ed spots a small opening in a drain pipe where he pops open in a flash and squeezes the two of them down it. The guards are overheard saying that the piping in the palace is huge and that they could end up anywhere.

They finally stop in a dark room, only lit by small blue lights and iridescent plankton. Jen grabs one and makes it brighter. She hits Ed over the head and scolds him for pulling her out of court. Ed just looks at her sheepishly and says that he wasn't going to loose her.

"All this over a stupid job, Ed. It's my job to make you look good and you're not helping."
"I confessed to the Gods that I would be your savior, Jen, and it is my duty to save your life. It's not fair for them to take you away. Your place is to work with me, ‘cause I'll make YOU look good, no matter what. I’ll help to put you on the right track."
Jen pauses and looks at Ed. "Was it worth your tail?"
"Oh that, heh, the pain will go away soon."
"Yeah but it's not going to grow back."
"What?" Ed brings his tail to his face and he sees it was chopped off by the door slamming on it. He screams and breaks out into a fit of hysterics, "AHHh, I thought it just slammed on it! This isn't fair! WAAA!!" Jen shakes her head and gets up to look for a bandage.

As she's walking around she starts to feel that the ground isn't really solid in some parts. The farther she looks down the way the more she sees that the light stops dead at a certain point but can't make out a wall. She goes back to Ed who's a slobbering wreak and she ties up his tail, looking around to figure out where they are. She tells him that this is what she’s had to deal with her whole life. "They weren't going to send me to jail; I was just going to work here until they found a job for me again. But thanks to you I AM going to Jail." She picks him up and they walk away from the dark side of the room.

The farther they walk, the less Jen thinks they're actually getting anywhere. It’s as if the floor keeps pulling them back closer to the darkness. Jen asks if Ed can swim with the two of them like he did before, but he's nearly passed out from crying all over her head, and doesn't answer with anything she can understand. Jen sets Ed down and grabs a handful of Plankton and shakes them up to glow brighter. She blows them toward the dark side of the room and sees the details more clearly. Most prominent are a large set of teeth and tentacles sliding in and out of a large mouth.

Jen doesn't panic but sees that the best way out is to not walk on the tentacles (hard to do when they swish all over the place and it's dark). She picks up Ed again and quietly takes them closer to the brighter side of the room. She starts to see huge piles of trash under vents like the one they came through. The brighter it gets the less tentacles are floating around the floor and the happier she gets. She sees a door at the end of a tunnel, a few blinking, red lights over the frame. She runs up to the door, but the red lights stop blinking and a large groan roars from the back of the tunnel. Ed wakes up to ask what the noise was and Jen replies that it was her bowels, "They just released everything." Large fans are activated and start pushing in fresh water. A large suction starts to drag all the trash and garbage towards the mouth.

Jen runs towards the door, trying to get Ed to grab onto it, but the suction pulls so quickly on them that they're caught in a whirlpool. They spin around the room as more tentacles begin filling the walls. Still holding onto Ed, Jen sees a vent that, if she can grab onto, she can push Ed into it. They roll past two vents, missing both, before Jen grabs onto a 3rd one. A tentacle quickly slides around her hand, but she blows a bubble beam at it and it slides off. Jen pushes a motionless Ed into the vent just before the tentacles slide over the vent, blocking him from being pulled back out from suction. Jen looses her grips but meets the Charybdis face to face as it sucks her into its gut.

The red light over the door on the other side of the room turns green and the tentacles slide back to a normal position. Ed, still knocked out, falls out of the vent he was tucked in and wakes up from the fall. Two guards come in to look over Charybdis and assist Ed out of the room. Ed calls out to Jen in panic, terrified at what he assumes had happened. One guard calls out how something seems to be upsetting Charybdis, but Ed doesn't stay long enough to find out what. They take Ed back into the court room where he's scolded by the guards for the disruption, but Ed gets mad at them back, saying that he meant every word he said and they disregarded every feeling and truth he said.

Poseidon’s anger becomes quite apparent, but Ed does not shudder under his might. The two guards come back in with Jenny in their arms, saying that she had blown herself out of Charybdis's stomach. Jenny looks around smugly, "1,000 years of digestion, meet 1,000 years of indigestion. I gave that wench an ulcer." Poseidon becomes even more furious at this and is about to blast the two of them off the Earth until Rhode interrupts him.

"Father, we're making such a huge fuss over something so simple, I know you hold a grudge, but this is my case and I feel that, if she worked with this Eel, it might be the most appropriate punishment. Look at how angry he is making you right now. That pain can be felt on her side, can't it? Plus the Eel has already vowed to watch over her, so I think we can trust that his persistence won't fail us. "

She swims closer to Jenny who just turns her head in shame. "You saved this Eel back there didn't you?" Jen nods and Rhode asks why. "Well, he just got a show, and if he were eaten, that’d be a waste of money for the studio." Rhode looks at her, looking for a better answer. “And there are also a lot of kids that like him, so it’d be sad for them if here were to be gone. No one would really miss me." Ed calls out from behind, "I would!"

Rhode allows the court to adjourn, with Jenny going back to work with Ed...but only on the condition, upon Jen's request, that Ed get his tail back...just to stop him from crying about it. On the walk out of the court room the three of them playfully banter to each other. Ed says he would've cried more not having Jenny around, and Jen just blushes. Shark grosses out about her and Koshi having dated.

"That means the two of you kissed."
"When you date someone you do more than just kiss."
"EEE, we’ve gotta fix that with you!"

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