Monday, October 5, 2009

Gulper Eel Need Design Help.

Help, it's Halloween Month and my main villain isn't even complete yet.

This is Gulper, he is the main antagonist for Eddie Eel. He is from the south...deep the ocean..yeah duh but he does have a thick accent. What I'm having problems here is that I can't seem to find a good design and make him as flexible and fit in with the other characters. While stock characters seem to flow out on the paper for me, Gulper however is stuck in the development stage, villains always seem to want give you a hard time don't they.

The designs at the bottom of this page are close to how I want him but it's not fluid looking enough. A good villain needs a good design and I think when I did these bottom ones I was being to accurate to a real animals forme and forgot how to cartoonify it. Either way I just seem really lost. Love to get some feed back on him.

What works, what doesn't? Should I make him look more like a real gulper eel or should I kiddify him more? Neck too long or not long enough? Head too big or not big enough? What type of "hair" should I give him or does he look better bald? Give me your thoughts.

Just to give you an idea of what type of villain he is I'll give you some youtube vids...think less singing though. I'm not a 5 time award wining muscle genius...odd how it seems that deep southern voiced people need to sing.

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ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey Ann!:)

I think he should be more like a gulper eel, cause that's a creepy motherfu"#%er!:D

Is the whole think planned to end up as animation? or a comic?
I would prefer a long nasty neck, that would give him pure villain value, but if it's animation, maybe the neck would cause too many problems...

Love his face, I think he's head should be a little bigger, and shaped like the flower in little shop of horrors!:)