Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BookMarks WIP

Hello people, I am in the process of working on stuff to make more money. There is a local festival where I live and my mom proposed we make bookmarks of our native American symbols to laminate and sell there. So here is a WIP process of how I'm working on this. Keep coming back to this page to see how the process gets more and more complete.

These symbols are NOT the original cave painting figures. My mother makes a good point about this, that you shouldn't use the exact cave painting because these are religious figures and drawings and we have NO IDEA what some of them are supposed to mean. Sure there are some obvious drawings like dolphins and coyotes but for the most part if something is headless, don't paste it on the wall of your building. So most of these things here are things I've made up to look like things from our cultures caves, but none of them are 100% exact.

These pictures tell stories. The 2nd one is not finished but see if you can guess what's going on (those people are walking over a rainbow bridge). None of these stories are evil or scary.

This Page here shows what I do to draw these things. I drew the images I wanted to used a light to color the image in reverse on the clean side of the page. You're seeing the back side of the page.

Here is the final images. There are a few things I need to finish up with photoshop and I'm still waiting for my mom to add descriptions of the images. I'll get it cleaned up and more prepared for print. Tell me what you think so far.

Here is the image with the text for each image. If you can imagine that they'll be two sided, with the text behind it's image. I know it might be more expensive but I made them color coated so the printer won't mess it up. Tell me what you think. There will be a DA version later, but you see the complete one here. I'll give you an update if I'm selling them on-line anywhere and if you want on. They will be lamented, and if you want one snail mail I can guess the whole thing might be 5$ each total (that includes shipping)...that is if we get a good deal from the print place 1st off.

Warning this is a big file size.

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