Thursday, October 25, 2012

So what's up with the Haunted Hotel

Goodness it's been too long since we talked about Haunted Hotel hasn't it? Well know I'm gonna let you know why it's been so long since I've updated.

Part of the point of this blog is to post my ideas for my own record and to pitch these ideas to other people. I usually come up with an idea, a story or a new character with a background I want, and writing these bits out help me remember my thoughts. I try to keep the blogs short so I'm not writing full blown novels here, cause it is quite a chore to get people to read what I have to say. Another nice thing about blogger is that I can put pictures INTO the text and make it like reading a picture book.

So I've have 4 parts of the Haunted Hotel story up for about a year now and it halted a bit of a critical part in the story. I left you hanging unintentionally for a few reasons:

For starters, Haunted Hotel is different from my Eddie Eel stories, in that Eddie Eel's stories are more episodic, and events that occur in his life can only happen in that small time frame and don't necessarily effect the end of his life. Haunted Hotel does have a bit of a time line to fallow and the main thing I'm worried about is spoilers. There is a bit of a twist at the end of the lead story arch that if I spoiled it here, and I wanted to pitch it to other people, why would people want to read all the stuff in the middle?

Example: Remember when you 1st found out that Darth Vader was Luke's dad? It was pretty darn shocking and it hurt. There was an emotion that came from that 1st viewing experience that you don't get by watching the prequels or multiple viewings of the original 3 movies. If you tell a casual viewer that Darth Vader is Luke's father, they might have no reason to go in and check out the films. (Harry Potter Book 7 Spoiler) A prime example of this is that I KNOW the reason why Professor Snape didn't kill Harry Potter because Harry has his mother's eyes, who Snape had a huge crush on back in school.  I haven't even seen the 7th movie or finished reading the book, but I have little drive to do so because the internet spoiled it for me (end spoilers).

So another reason for the delay is just that, do I really want to tackle this head on? Am I prepared to produce a comic about this story? How much research should I be doing to make it seem like a real thing? What style, what direction. I have to nail down the rules for myself 1st. I can't make it into this GRAND idea and end up falling to cliches or tropes that already exist. I still feel like there is so much I need to develop and prepare people for the lead story...but in the end I think I'm preparing myself.

When you want to make a comic, you REALLY have to like making comics and that's where I feel like I'd be missing the mark. I'd end up getting lazy about 3 months in and then I give up on it cause I got a whole new idea and passion to keep me going, and I've left people in the dust again. So I wouldn't want to get into something I can't handle and writing these ideas for the blog is just enough.

SOOooo cause I've yapped at your ear long enough about it, Let me tell you what I'm GOING to do with Haunted Hotel right now;

  1. The whole first story arch is written, but I won't be releasing much more of the 1st arch. I'll probably release one part and then save the ending when I think it's ok to release that. I will also go through and edit the 4 parts I've already written, and add in the new ideas I've developed, and fix up typos I've seen.

  2. I'll keep posting new ideas and possibly mini comics and little gags with the characters. Just concept ideas and doodles that come to mind. If you're fallowing any of my other art accounts such as Devianart, you'll see some things pop up there. There is a sub arch about Grunder and Demion that won't really add anything to the main plot...also don't think it's a bit of a spoiler to say that he's destined for hell is it? Well either way I do a lot of art of the two of them together, so I might post some of those things around. If you see them, trust that it doesn't spoil anything from the main Hotel plot.

  3. I'll possibly be writing up a 2nd story arch for HH, which would be the events in the 1970's that would explain how a lot of the ghosts and how the hotel became MORE haunted over time. This is not a spoiler by my saying there are three main arcs in the 'Living life time' of the hotel. The lead arch is Milly and her new ownership, then we jump back in time to the 70's where we learn about one of the previous owners, and then a 3rd where we fallow up on Milly and her life 4 years later. The 3rd arch won't be published on the blog as far as I can tell but writing up the events of the 2nd would help create a mythos and atmosphere for the readers that might get them interested in the 1st arch...if that makes sense.
So just wanted you all to know what's been going on with the HH story ok? I surely hope that those of you truly interested aren't too upset and will keep checking out the blog. And those new to the blog Go check out the Haunted Hotel parts that are written up now if you haven't already. Leave your comments and thanks for stopping by.
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