Thursday, December 23, 2010

Haunted Hotel Part 1

The day before my birthday, I had a wonderful dream that kept me in bed until 2 pm . One of the last pieces of creative outputs that my 24 year mind could conjure up. The whole concept of this movie comes from a short moment where are hero climbs up the stares being harassed by the villain and her friend gives her salvation at the top.
Millicent is a young homely woman who spent most of her life secluded and fearful of society. Being bullied most of her life she found comfort on the internet which allowed her to avoid much social contact. She had not known her father for most of her life she is shocked to learn that she receives the deed to a large hotel from her foreign uncle. After recently dieing of heart altercations she is the only person on that side of the family capable to receive it.

Being a recluse ment that she had to take a huge step to bring herself out in public and take a trip away from her safe shell at home. While on the plane she freaks out when the flight attendants start to touch and move her things around. The rest of the passengers all look at her funny and it doesn't help when she wraps her face up in blankets to avoid being seen.

In town she's yelled at by strange people for getting in the way or not being polite. She meets her uncle's attorney at the hotel during the day and explains to her right away that it's haunted. The Hotel was built in 1903 and 6 months after it's opening people have been murdered, committed suicide or killed accidentally. The most horrific case was that of a Mr. Grunder who was a man in an over coat and top hat who would push people down the stars and throw them out a 2nd story window. This would go on for several nights but he was never caught until the day he went on a shooting spree and took out many people in the hotel. He was taken out by the bartender at the top of the stares and was flung out the window to his death.

The attorney continues to show Milly(Millicent) around the hotel going up the stares, insisting to hold on to the banisters. She grabs onto the banister to look out the window and feels a lick at her wrist. She cringes and continues up. At the top of the stares there is a small bar stand that still has it's liquor dispensers and a large resting area that extends over the street (as if two whole room had been cleared out to make a small lounge area). The 2nd floor looks down onto the base floor. The main support beam is a giant chimney stack right in the middle of the building, with smaller beams at the corners and middle of the 2nd floor walkways, with wooden banisters protecting people from falling over.

The attorney explains that in the 1970s it was deemed a historical land mark and the city planned to have a huge revival of the hotel to improve their down town business. All of the electrical fixtures and plumbing is fairly new but every owner has either run out of screaming in terror, never to be heard from again, or died. Because of this major changes to the building had never been made, such as the stares needing to be replaced as so noone is to trip down them again. Milly asks the attorney how her uncle received the hotel.
"He won it at an auction, but he was smart enough never to enter the hotel. His heart complications was due to poor diet I'm afraid. Not of fear."

Milly sneered at the man thinking that he was challenging her to a sleep-in-the-spooky-hotel-all-night-and-win-the-fortune bet. Outside of that she didn't want to spend the night in some other dirty hotel. The attourny gives her his number just to make sure that she'll be ok the rest of the night and if she knows what she wants to do with it in the morning to make sure she notifies him 1st.

The man leaves the keys with Milly (which she leaves on the bar stand up stares) and they walk back down. Milly feels a grab at her legs and falls into the attorney. She assures him that she'll be the one to get these stairs fixed if she does anything worthwhile in her life.

Night grows closer and Milly already sees odd shapes moving through the hotel, but she figures it's the odd lighting. She stays in the managers room at the bottom of the stares and plugs in her computer to watch some movies. As she watches Dolamite she starts to hear odd noises come from her bedroom behind her. She gets up to investigate but sees nothing in the bed room, but hears noises in the bathroom. She opens the door to reveal a cloud of mist and a naked man in the shower. She gets scared an apologizes for entering but he yells at her in a hallow voice telling her it's his room. With a rush of wind she is pushed out of the room. The door slamming shut and won't budge.

She tries to find the key for the door and remembers that she had left them at the top of the stares on the bar. She exists her office and a chill makes her stop. To her right in main hallway of the hotel a congregation of ghosts are roaming around the ground floor. A man with a white mustache and top hat reading a paper at a chair in the middle of the room. A lady and her boy friend dancing across the floor. Two kids playing with pop guns, and a few other gentlemen walking back and forth in a repeating pattern. Milly thinks that this is all a trick, and tries to enter the main hall but a large cackling laugh from the stares stops her.

She turns to see a man in a black coat and top hat at the middle rung of the stares, backlit by the moonlight. He has long white hair and long fingertips that end in needle points. His sunken red eyes glare at her while his fanged grin turns into his cheeks while he asks her to join him for a walk. She runs out of the hotel wanting to scream but can't as she lost her voice. Milly runs down the street and to a payphone to try to call the attorney ("I admit defeat. It's not worth a night in hell!") but he's not at his office. She starts to look in the phone book for other hotels too call and realizes that she has no idea where any of the streets are. Soon a drunk man starts to knock on the door of the phone booth and she panics and runs back to the hotel ("There are scary people out here too!").

She gathers up her strength and enters back into the hotel. Looking at the stares she sees that the ghost is not there but a few of the other ghosts are still in the main hall. She closes her eyes pretending she didn't see them. Milly grabs a blanket to protect her head, a feather duster and prepares to go up the stares for the keys. Slowly with each step she crawls up the stares, keeping an eye out for Grunder. She gets to the middle ledge in front of the window and he calls out hello to her in a cockney accent. She ducks to her knees and starts to crawl up the stares eyes closed, waving the feather duster in front of her. He starts to laugh around her head and asks why someone would leave their dirty laundry in his stairway.

Crawling up the 2nd row of steps to the 2nd ledge, she opens her eyes and his face is on the floor smiling back at her. She screams and stays covered holding onto the railing. He walks up to her placing the tips of his shoes under her face. His fingers start to poke through her blanket and onto her back. She yells out "Don't Touch me Mutha F**ka!", and waves the feather duster at him while booking it up the last flight of steps. His laughter echoes through the hotel.

Finally at the 2nd story she falls against the wall looking down the stares in fear, breathing heavily. She hears a soft voice chuckle and call out to her. She looks up and sees a man behind the bar counter cleaning a glass. He's got red hair that leads down to black muttonchops. He wears thin black rimmed glasses, a white pin stripped shirt with a black bow tie, and black pants. He gets out a martini glass and says, "You look like you need a drink." She gets up slowly but stops when she sees a ghost gentleman walk past her and up to the bar. There is a drunk bum sitting at the opposite end of the bar and a man reading a news paper in the sitting area. She gets up and looks over the edge of the railings to see just how many spooks are running around. She takes notice that a few of the ones she saw earlier are gone and some just loop the same action over and over again. Two brothel girls look at her and laugh from across the hotel on the 2nd story.

Still scared stiff, Milly stumbles over to the bar and up to the bartender. For a few long moments she just stares into space trying to make sure that she's not crazy. The gentleman comes up to the bar three times, ordering the same drink with the bar tender serving it, before the women takes notice. She looks at the bartender and he smiles and hands her the drink he made for her. She gulps and asks how does he know what she likes.
"It's a modest drink for a pretty lady."
"Thanks but I don't drink. I don't need to start seeing pink elephants too."
She looks around the bar and notices her keys at the other end. She looks back at the bartender to make sure he doesn't fallow her as she gets closer. The bum however looks at her as she gets closer and he grabs the keys before she notices he's watching her. She screams and swats him with the feather duster (it just swings right through him but he's taken back and annoyed). The bar keep yells at the bum to give them back and he agrees and staggers down the stares ("Don't think this is the place for me. The owners yelling at me in all.")

Milly looks at the bartender in confusion and asks why he can talk to her. He tells her his name is Russel, and he explains that he's a servant of the hotel and will assist it's owner in any way he can. She then asks if he can assist her in getting down the stares back to her office without having to deal with Grunder, seeing his red eyes and grin peeking from darkness of the stares. Russel is unfortunately tied to the bar table but tells her that she can stay in any of the other rooms until day time (Grunder will be less active with sunlight). He points to a room down the way but warns her not to sleep with her head outside the covers.

She thanks him and walks to the room he pointed to. Inside there is one large bed against wall with a small couch against the window. She waves good night to Russel from far away and he waves back (Grunder waving back to her as well). She gets under the covers and tries to sleep off the spooky feelings. In not much time however she feels a small lump sitting on her chest. She doesn't move or attempt to take off the covers to see what's on her. We see that it is a small boy sitting on her. He gets off a few moments later and rolls into the blankets on her side. She whimpers a bit but soon falls asleep.

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