Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Birthday ID Image

So with a new year comes a new birthday. And I have here a new ID image. I took a photo of myself in my room then drew over it in photoshop. Some day I hope to start doing video posts and more reviews on art that I like. Please look at the all the other ID's I've made here.

I was also hoping to have a new look for my blog an DA journal with a few head icons I drew. I'd go for a new green look with more of my characters linking to important links. The blog though still looks fine and I'd have to draw a lot of new stuff and learn HTML to make it look just as nice as it is now. I might edits the colors at some point so it's readable but for now it'll stay.

ALSO: The night before I had a 5 minuet dream that really inspired me. I slept in till 1:30pm to work on it, and spent the rest of the day writing it out. It turned into a whole damn movie and I really like what I came up with. I'm going to post it in 5-6 parts here (don't want to make each part read like a huge novel). Just to give you an idea, it's called the Haunted Hotel, and I'll try to get some drawings to match up with in in time. When I post it please give it a read.

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