Monday, December 27, 2010

Haunted Hotel Part 2

Continued from Part 1. Read 1st please. One image might be a bit mature for sensitive viewers.
In the morning, Millicent finds that she's awoken by terribly bright lights getting into her room. She looks outside and sees there are mirrors on top of the opposite building. They take the light from the rising sun and project it into the rooms on that side of the hotel. She takes a mental note about how sunlight makes certain ghosts go away. She sees that the two brothel girls are still in the main hall but fade in and out to the point of almost looking like smoke and dust. She walks over to the stares and looks over at the bar, expecting some words of wisdom from Russel but he's not there. She holds tight to one side of the banisters and to the feather duster and starts to run down the stares. At the last step she feels a tug at her leg and she trips, but made it down to the ground floor (Grunder's voice laughing). She gives the window a dirty look and kicks the last stare (stubbing her toe).

Back in her office she tries to open the door to the bed room but with no luck, the knob won't even turn. She gets out two large wood blocks and stamps out the words "NEVER LET GO OF BANISTER!!" The 1st one she nails at the bottom of the stares, and she saves the 2nd one to nail at the top later. She gets out a pen and paper and starts to write down all the ghosts that she sees. Now that she had stayed the whole night in the creepy hotel and didn't die she might as well make good of her promise to get rid of the stares and get the hotel running again.

The two kids playing with the popguns are in the maintenance room during the day sleeping away from the sun. The man with the mustache only sits in the one chair in the middle of the room and only gets up every few hours just to go back sitting in the chair again. The two brothel ladies look at Milly were ever she goes and don't really do much of anything but giggle and sneer. Milly sees that most of the ghosts she saw at night don't appear during the day, so this is the best time to get maids and maintenance in to clean up.

Every room has a small creep or tweak that gives off a scary shock. Most of them are sounds, moving lights or temperature changes. Sitting in one room she saw the rug pattern rise up and try to strangle her (easy solution: replace rug). In another room a man hangs him self from the light fixture, the light fixture always rocks back and forth even when the lights are on (Solution: remove hanging light fixture). In one room, she sits in for a long while before a brothel girl and a drunk man show up and bounce on the bed to have sex. The brothel girl looks at her, gets angry and starts to hit and throw things at Milly, until she leaves the room. Milly catches her breath outside and opens the door to see the mess she has to clean up but notices that nothing changed. Determined to teach the ghost a lesson, she sits and waits. When she comes back Milly tries to tell the ghost off, but the ghost pushes her against the wall and throws her out the door. This is a harder solution to figure out.

In the opposite corner of the hotel farthest away from the front door is a room doesn't appear big enough to be an actual living space. Inside it is a swirling mass of gray and blue clouds clouds with small rays of light poking through. Milly feels oddly attracted to the mass and touches it to feel calm and happy. She still decides though that this room cannot be used for guests and closes it up. One room has a lonely rocking chair with an old woman in it who just smiles a waves, but doesn't appear to be effected by any type of light.

Having gone through the 1st floor Milly decides to take a rest to make some business calls. Through her internet connections she finds someone she met on-line that lives near the city and is excited to meet a friend to come and help. Calling back the attorney reveals that he had an accident last night and he's in a critical state. Milly just tells the secretary that she hopes he'll get better and stares into the wall with a hallow expression. Even if she didn't want to run the hotel she can't get out of it until she finds better help...or dies 1st.

As the sun sets more ghosts show up in the main hall. She can't quite tell what causes the dancing couple to start up or what can make them stop (as she tries to put things in their way and pull them apart with no luck). The other random ghosts that are around react angrily when she tries to move their favorite item and they scare her away. Turning on the lights doesn't make them go away but makes them harder to see so at least until she can redecorate during the day, and at night she'll have to live with their noise.

Right away Grunder makes calls out to her, knowing that she's got to climb up the stairs to her room again. She can't see him but climbs up it slowly so she can stamp him out or nail her wood block onto his face. She makes it to the 3rd flight without his pranks trying to push her over and she starts to hammer in the nail in when the wall bulges out and pushes her against the other side. She gets angry and starts to hammer dents into the wall, which makes Grunder laugh louder, "Now you're going to have to fix those, HAHAH!"

The gentlemen at the bar points out that noone will read the sign if it's on the side of the wall. She gives him a nasty look but Russel points for her to post it on his side of the wall. She weeps a bit while she does so and he offers her another drink (she hears the brothel girls laugh). After calming down a bit, Milly explains to Russel how she went through the whole hotel and can figure out how to stop some of the ghosts, such as replacing lights and removing the items that trigger their habits. Russel gives her a worried expression and points out that ghosts will react differently to different situations. Different light sources, different items being moves, and even different types of people. Just because the item is moved doesn't mean the ghost is gone (Milly wonders if she needs to get a church man in to fix that).

Milly brings up the brothel girl who attacked her and tore apart the room every time she went in. Russel remembers that the brothel woman would only attack women who'd stay in there, and that men will have different experience in there ("Calling it 'the happy room'.") She gets frustrated knowing that half of the rooms she was in probably didn't work for her but Russel tells her that she's making progress. She's the only person to get to know the ghosts before, but he asks why she would want them gone.

Milly looks down the stares with a sneer, and then turns to Russel, "If they were as nice as Russel they could stay but how can I make a living off hotel that'll scare people to death?
Russel pours a beer into a glass for the drunk man, "You think it's fair that we have to make adjustments for the living? We were once like you and after all this time we're still expected to fallow mortal man's laws. "
Milly gets angry, "Hay most of us only live for 100 years if we're lucky, and we should at least be able to make the best of that time. You have all eternity, wouldn't you want to spend it somewhere nicer? Don't you have friends and family you want to see again?"
Russel looks at her as he hands over the drink, "Don't you have friends and family you should be visiting?"
Milly grows quiet and mopes. She says good night to Russel and heads to bed to try to sleep off a crazy day.

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