Sunday, December 25, 2011

End of Year Update

Happy Holidays people. It always seems around this time I'm year I am the most active. I just like Xmas a lot. I did a little sketch of Milly and Grunder for a friend who commissioned me.

I do want to inform you that I have intentions of updating the Haunted Hotel story BUT I've been hesitant because I'm afraid of spoiling it. Once people know the ending it's gonna blow your mind. BUT I figure if I do more little promotional images like this, I could make the ending a bigger reveal.

Read up on the stuff I've written about the Haunted Hotel so far:
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Out side of that some friends of mine and I have been working on a group on DA called the Niccals Nightstalkers where we write stories about an OC we made named Kurt Uti; the ultimate Gorillaz Gary Stu.
I have a bunch of good drawings of us together:

Please read up on Annie-Mae the character at these links:
New Annie-Mae: Freak of the Freak Kingdom
The development of Annie-Mae's World

If you want to stay more up to date on my work, fallow my Deviantart Account and my Tumblr.

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