Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Annie-Mae Looks_Freak of the Freak Kingdom

Ah it's the end of the month and I wanted to get something new here before the next month comes around. There will be a HUGE change that's coming and I wanted to give this brief little blog to show some character development art.

I've been inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and I've loved the Forrester characters, both Dr. F and Pearl. I wanted to make an outfit based on a mix between Lady Gaga and a Deep 13 Soldier.
So I was looking for a nice lime green jacket and when I found it, it has some neat button holes to which I thought it would be cool to have some neon lights to go through it. Got the boots and the glasses, but I need to fix up the jacket so it's more of a tighter fit and doesn't look frumpy.
What's happened outside of the just the halloween outfit idea, is to actually use the costume as a new persona. I felt that I could use the outfit for video reviews and post images of myself. The Annie-Mae Smeargle designs seem to have been coming off as too kiddy and furry for some people. It worked great when I was a kid, but now I should be able to transition into my real self some day.

I had an idea about Annie being sick of not getting attention (this is true) and she tries a few methods to get attention. Because of Mr. Man she comes up with the assumption that it's because she looks like a furry. They fuse together to become a more human Annie-Mae but she's now more sadistic and wicked. I'm still not sure if I want to give this Annie a new name but I do want to use it as a camera persona. Anyway, Here are some more doodles for you too enjoy.

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