Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Rokko Met Crikkit

Ok so here is an odd treat that I stumbled across when I was looking for a blank set paper to draw on. I knew where this was so it wasn't like it was lost but I had no idea just how far I got into this idea in this book. Far enough to tell a nice little story. This book I got back in 2007 ( I'm guessing) that was made to hold a collection of Rokko and Crikkit comics that I would scan and fix up on the computer so it would look and read right. I was going for an old 1910s comic look where there wasn't a lot of perspective and I would fix up the details later.
There were a few blank pages in between this one and the next. I wanted to do a bit where Rokko was turning off and on the light and Crikkit could only been seen when it was dark (with his white face). Sadly the 1st time I tried scanning this book that page ripped so I had to take it out. It was a filler gag story done a bunch of times, and for the context of the story it's not missed. So this seems a little dialog heavy. Rokko here is defending Crikkit by saying he's not a roach but a cricket bug, being good luck. Crikkit isn't amused by this, so Rokko says something like, "Well if you're not a cricket bug I guess we just gotta squish ya, don't we?" So Crikkit starts a song and dance, being loud and obnoxious.
So if you didn't like filling in your own words I'll sum up what Rokko's plan was here. Steal a rich woman's dog's collar and give it back to her hoping to get a reward. This was also a test of Crikkit's usefulness, now that Rokko saved his life Crikkit owed Rokko for the act of kindness. (this plan must've worked more then once for Rokko to try it out)
I love the expressions of Rokko's extreme happiness and Crikkit's deep confusion. That isn't a pig lady, she's just really ugly.So Crikkit is upset that he gets a bum reward out getting mauled to death, and he fights with Rokko. Rokko tries to explain what the deal was, but Crikkit just fights like a spoiled angry child. Rokko tosses him back over the fence.
Now there was a blank page in between this and then next page but I can't for the life of me figure out what I wanted to tell on it. All I can say is that Rokko wanted to get enough money to make happy hour. Even with the scheme of getting the reward from the rich lady, he still didn't have enough money for a drink ( This is before prohibition), but he sees a way he can make more money.Ah yeah that's the end and that last comic is cut short. There were two more panels where Crikkit would be at the table ready to bet with them and the last would be him walking away with all their cloths.
Rokko has a system of being really lucky, but when other people cheat he can't win unless he cheats. It's because of Crikkit having the best poker face ever (noone can read his antenna twitches like Rokko can) Rokko decides to keep the bug around to help him win at bets and get him out of scraps. They also get tossed up in situations where one owes the other something and they have to stick together until the debt is paid.

Hope you enjoyed this old comic, it was kinda a treat to look back on it. Only thing I don't like is how stale the poses and expressions are, but they're still pretty good.


Anonymous said...

The poses are appropriate, so it doesn't matter how dynamic they are.

Jasmine said...

I love the storytelling in these, and all the nice poses! It is indeed a treat to look at