Sunday, December 25, 2011

End of Year Update

Happy Holidays people. It always seems around this time I'm year I am the most active. I just like Xmas a lot. I did a little sketch of Milly and Grunder for a friend who commissioned me.

I do want to inform you that I have intentions of updating the Haunted Hotel story BUT I've been hesitant because I'm afraid of spoiling it. Once people know the ending it's gonna blow your mind. BUT I figure if I do more little promotional images like this, I could make the ending a bigger reveal.

Read up on the stuff I've written about the Haunted Hotel so far:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Out side of that some friends of mine and I have been working on a group on DA called the Niccals Nightstalkers where we write stories about an OC we made named Kurt Uti; the ultimate Gorillaz Gary Stu.
I have a bunch of good drawings of us together:

Please read up on Annie-Mae the character at these links:
New Annie-Mae: Freak of the Freak Kingdom
The development of Annie-Mae's World

If you want to stay more up to date on my work, fallow my Deviantart Account and my Tumblr.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gifts from the Fans part 3

So this year I did get some WONDERFUL fanart from people and I wanted to show them off, no matter how weird, good, bad, or what ever they might be I still love the fanart. :)

Wonderful gift work from A good friend Ab "The Nuge" Nugent, from DA. She and another friend, Shazz have been working on an OC of hers for a group called the NiccaslNightstalkers. So I had her draw up Eddie for me for fun. I love it, another one for the Eddie Fanart pile. :)

She also did a group drawing of us here. and some of me. Check out her stuff on DA.

Speaking of Shazz (ForMyFantasies), she did a wonderful Eddie Eel Gift for me for xmas as well.

Here is some wonderful fanart from Cara (killermermaid001) from DA who loved my Haunted Hotel story. She did some killer fanart of the characters, the 1st ones no less. Thanks a lot, these are great!! Click the images to go to their pages on DA.

Then lastly two great pictures of Chimby from Morals Are Good by StrawberryStar123, then of Toby the Warewolf by taichao. Great work guys. Click images to go to their DA pages.