Friday, October 15, 2010

Rokko's Mob Boss and names for the Rabbit and Turtle Thugs

Good news to start out with, the STICKERS are here Go look and come back.

So I was talking to people and realized that I don't think I've officially shown off images I drew for Rokko's top rival; the Mob Boss Leader of Wipe Out!...ok that's not what I want to officially call it but it's a play on the term white out cause that's what the leader is made of.
Please read up on Rokko's History to understand how the two are connected. I know it's long but I don't need to write it more then once.

The idea for the boss was always ment to be this body of evil who couldn't take a punch or be destroyed by conventional means. He was strong, could shape shift, and looked intimidating. I was going for the Judge Doom like character, in which the character had very cold eyes and seemed to make toon and mortal quiver with fear. Blob creatures were also very common for old school toons to have because the black ink blobs could consume the character back into the ink well. But because this guy was white out, he could cover them up and erase what they were. Outside the fact these are cartoon characters, the Mob Boss is just a scary guy who can kill any living thing, man, animal, or toon with his vice grip. One other tactic is he'll send out blot baddies, small little clones of him to cause trouble and give back up when he needs a get away. They're easily to take out without the master around.

These old designs of him are purely experimental. I didn't settle on a design in my head, or if I really wanted him as the MAIN boss. More like the top thug of the gang, and he could kill the true mob boss if he wanted to. There were a few other ideas I had about his design in my head, such as that he looked like a large fat man that sat behind the desk and gave out orders to the smaller thugs, and when he needed to fight he'd turn into a large blob monster with crushing force (imagine white out going into all your guts and ripping you from the inside out...he'd always have that power in any form). I also wanted to have a clown character that was completely fucked up. Either it would be a White Out clown who was a mix of the clown from IT and Koko the Clown, or something all together different. Currently I've considered a separate character who would be the Judge Doom toon without the human mask, being a clown who was incredibly wacky and unpredictable, who would be the opposite of the White Out Boss but just as demented.

Right now though he looks like Spider Man in a Suit. I need to make him scarier and update...or at least know what I want the character to be.

The other Thug characters I've made for Rokko are more developed but you still don't know them very well. Might be that the less we know about the back story of the villains the more we hate them, cause all we can judge them on is their actions they take now. I've finally come up with the name of the Rabbit character; Bo Bunny. The turtle character sadly isn't as strong cause he's still to nice to be working for such a terrible gang. And when I say terrible I mean that they're they type of gangster that kill anyone who has seen them in action, women, children, dogs, ect. They don't distinguish between guilty or innocent, and Bo will often go into stores just to blow everyone away for no reward other then to do it. These things were easier to do before cameras however, their methods are less conventional in modern times. The Turtle character is the most normal character I've made for this group. It's hard to picture him in his nature doing any of the crazy things Bo does...possibly why he's teamed up with Bo, to counter Bo's wildness. If I had to name him now, I'll call him Torpedo Tortuous. The puns in that name extend farther then calling a tortuous fast...look up what a Torpedo means in the 1920's slang.

Read up on some of the other drawings of Bo and Torpedo as well as my still unnamed Bat Dr and some of Rokko's other friends.

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