Friday, April 11, 2008

More Back up Characters.

Sigh, been a while with a new post, but everytime I've wanted to post something new I've been at someone elses computer, where I wasn't able to upload new images. I'm gonna talk about as many cahracters as I see important on these pages.

ON this page you can see the 1st drawings of my Batman and his boy XD. I just noticed I gave him a pocket protector which I didn't draw on any of the other drawings. The big robot is one failed attempt to create a body design for Rokko's Mob boss that I've been talking about. I turned it into a robot because I wanted a robot detecitve, or something. The idea of having a robot as a friend/ally for Rokko was a neat idea but I didn't want one as tall as him, so I made the little one at top. I'm still not sure if I like that design.
I love Joe's Apartment, so I started just doodling some roach designs, that would be equils to Crikkit's friends and random background roaches. The human on this page was another attempt at drawing the mob boss (I swear I tried to draw this villan many times before I came up with something I like and I still don't think it's the best'll see it later). I was looking for a the scaryness of Micheal Corleone, seeing how he started wanting to be out of the 'family business' but soon became scary and dangerous. Now I'm thinking that guy would make an interesting human Crikkit.

Here's some characters that we've mostly seen already. Here is the pencil version of that group drinking picture that I finished a couple of days ago. You can see how the lineart gets cleaned up. The top picture of Rokko and the Rabbit is an intersting one but I love the expressions and senerio. Rokko is aware that he is an old cartoon and his creator has died. Old cartoons tend to get in a rut and forget why they do the things they do because they don't have anybody reinventing thierpersonalities and meaning. Normally Rokko and Rabbit would be at each other throats Kill Bill style, but that's not always the caise. One night Rokko explains this phenomion to Ginger and says that the other night while picking up tampons and a pregnacy tester at 1 AM he ran into him picking up some condoms himself (coming from a party with girls in his car). While the hatred was still there, the effort was not. It was out of context, like if they broke out into fists of furry then, what was the point, nobody was watching. It's an odd feeling to be a cartoon, because you never know what's being filmed and what's just a normal, butt scratching type of day.
Rokko is also swipping Gilbur's penis hat. I still havn't drawn the expression he has when Rokko calls it that but I just don't draw the character enough.
Now Rokko's life during the 50's-90s (while he was away from Ginger) was another one of those just living moments. It was the most depressing time of his life but to him he was equally sharing the pain that his creator was having while he was locked away in a mental asylem (Lon Borax was his creator, for those of you who didn't know). Rokko learned during that time that he couldn't die. Every method used to try to kill himself just failed and he soon just wanted to go away. He did remarry a couple of times but non of those women were right for him. The dog lady (not the flapper girl) was one of those women, but he didn't want to marry her, she just said you're my husban now and that was it. FaFa was a minor background character in a MGM cartoon, just as a young puppy back then, but then her design was moved to advertise Dog Food for a small chain and her work consisted of quick commercial shots and packaging labels. Because of that small money though she was able to become a rich lady who bought husbans for her amusement. Rokko was her husban in californina, who he shared a house with another one of her husbands who couldn't speak english. Rokko himself didn't care enough to object to her paligamist fantasies, but he never got sexual with her because of his feelings for Ginger. FaFa didn't care weather he really liked her or not, but the idea of having a sexy arm candy like him was enough, and she felt sorry for his story. She only divroced him because her official husban was starting to find out about these other men she collected. She gave tearful kisses good bye and said he could come back to her when ever he needed.
Other characters on this page include the flapper girl, who is one of Rokko's 1910 friends who I drew an older version for. I'm still working on her personality but she never really had a big thing for Rokko, just a friend. She does fall in love with the human character I have as one of Rokko's friends. The guy in the white suit at the bottom is another character Rokko met during the 70's. He's like a chipmunk reject, because he's kinda like Alvin and the Chipmunks semi human character designs, but not human or animal enough. He's codeanmed QueBall because he's got an 8 ball for an eye and his eye was pushed to the back of his head. The other eye he went blind in but he can see perfectly out the eye in the back of his head. He's got massive kung-fu skills a great underground resorce for Rokko. A couple of the characters on this page are jsut background characters. The cops are still work in progress but they are old versions of two cops that were constanly after Rokko.
That's it for now. Any other questions?

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