Monday, February 25, 2008

Tooki and Gilbur

So I get a new art pad which is always nice but I desiged to dedicate the 1st few pages to Rokko's friends and foes. I've come to realize that I havn't introduced alot of characters I wanted to add to Rokko's storyline yet. I've been drawing alot and alot of two toned and regular characters just to fill space and I like that I don't have to give them alot of story lines or anything else really important. These fallowing characters are quite important, and soon when I get more pages cleaned up and looking nice I'll dump a whole lot of sketches of characters I've done.

So this picture is a comparison of younger Rokko and his friends next to older designs of them. Rokko changed his over all apperance around the time he becomes a dad. He's also has the most variation of cloth options of all the other characters, from the teal shorts, to the green pinstriped pants with red suspenders, white tanktop,white button up shirt and rest vest combo (something else I need to draw as well). He actually looses wight when he gets older because he's not drinking as much and becomes more lean but still has a beefy gurth to him that he won't be able to get rid of. If he was of human size standards you could see Rokko as a 205 Lb man, most of it mussel.

Gilbur and Tooki are two of his friends that I've kinda put into the lead slot of consistant friends. The two that you'll most likely see haning out with Rokko when they boozing it up. Tooki is far more of a drunk then Rokko but he drinks in moderation where Rokko will binge like mad for one whole night and binge in the morning to wear off the hangover. Tooki is older then Rokko by 5 years, so he is the only one (during the 1910s) who was leagally allowed to drink. He started off as a co-owner to a ladies club to which Rokko happened to stubble into one night while bar hopping. The bar tender put Tooki in charge to get rid of Rokko, by any means nessisary, but no matter how hard he tried Rokko kept coming back. Finally they let Rokko stick around to be a body guards for the ladies, seeing how he was so nice to them (not just for treating them like ladies either). One day, a rabbit comes into the club and starts harrasing one of the girls, and Rokko comes to kick his ass out of the club. This rabbit was the 1st meeting of one of Rokko's most hated enimies, a gangster that worked for the mob (sadly I don't have a name for him yet). Tooki knew this was the end of his club because of Rokko's ignorance, so he set Rokko up to get 'food' for the mob. They tied Rokko up and dumped him off a peir with some nice cement shoes...two days later Rokko shows up to work again at the club covered in seaweed and still tied up asking for a beer and a straw (innocently claiming he had crabs, while pulling a crab out fo his pants.) After seeing this feat of endurment, the mob picked up Rokko to be a gruff picking up protection money and if they couldn't pay they lost thier buisness to fire...unfortunally for Tooki, Rokko accidentally set Tooki's club on fire. Rokko says he owes Tooki for loosing his establishment but that whole ordeal has been forgetting by lost braincells and time. Tooki is still a gigolo and male escort to the ladies. Tooki is a generic black bird/crow, he's basised off just the old 1920s cartoons of black birds. The name just came to me when I was thinking of a name (like George of the Jungle's Tooki bird) but looking at him now I'm worried that having a cat and crow together might be too much like Fritz the Cat even though I hadn't seen the movie until a few months ago. His personality came with his design I never really baised his character off anyone I knew or knew of.

Not much else can be said about Gilbur other then he's a dork. He's younger then Rokko by 2 years which makes him an easy target for Rokko's harrasment and riddicule. Gilbur really doesn't have an official back story other then he saw Rokko one day and fallowed him around. It's a good chance that he's one of those kids who daddy wanted him to be manly so he desided to get a role model of someone who was really manly, which ment he had to pick up a blood alchohol level of 3.8. Gilbur never holds his liqur and numerous amounts of times he looses his lunch on Rokko (and soon gets his face ripped up) . He's also one of those kids who makes a joke and laughs longer at it then the joke requires.
When I designed Gil I wanted a white two-toned character, because not all 1920s characters were black. He's not designed to be anything, but shifts closely to a bunny dog. The closest animale he might be is a Pug dog but his ears are more rabbit like. I never wanted to give him a hat like that until I loved the idea of Rokko tearing it off his head calling it a "penis hat" and the look on Gil's face when he realises that it does look like a penis is priceless (I need to draw it). The penis hat lives on. Gil changes alot when he gets older, but he looks more like all the joy and youth has been sucked out of him. Like one day he woke up and was hit with reality like a train (or the ugly stick). Gil represents alot of annoying people I've met in my life, and a little mix of Droopy and Gill from the Simpsons.
This guy is a villan and I really grasped his character the 1st time I drew him (these the 1st drawings I had). It's kinda odd how these characters kidna jump to me, even when I don't spend alot of time thinking of them up or putting them into plots. I wanted an evil doctor type who would torture Rokko with bizzare experiments and be someone that was pushed around by the mob to do so. Bats are another commonly seen type of two tone but most of them are just mice with wings or a shape of a bat, rarley were any of them actual characters. This character I can see other people getting into because he gives off a Doc Oct kinda feel. Lonely, intelligent, calm but insane. He's so normal when he's talking that you forget that if he had the chance he'd rip open your guts just to see how you'd react to the pain. Like a boy pulling off the wings on a fly, you want to see what the fly does without his livelyhood. He has guilt which would make you think he has a moral code but he doesn't because he'll encorage his son to do most of the horrible stuff he does. Most of his guilt comes from fear of being caught, because they know they will do the same things to him as he's done to other people.
His son is most likely a clone of himself (Jango-Fett and Boba-Fett) seeing how he's shown no intrest in women. When he is interested in women it seems to be on a crowed bus with a hand up thier skirt. Both he and his son are not blind but thier eyes are not suitable for light, most of the time they will be wearing thier sun glasses walking around under parasols if they have to come out during the daylight. Thier eyes are really fun, but would probally take 500 frames to draw because they're always shifting colors and spiralling around (the doctor more then his son). The bit with the apron IS inspired by Breaking Bad if you were thinking that XD. Soo someday I will have a good name for him, and I've already added more pictures to this page here so I'll be updating that someday.

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