Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sketch Blog I guess...

Well even trying to scan some newer things and edit them in Photoshop my computer started to go funcky on me, so I'm left uploading stuff I've already scanned. Below are some pictures that are random old stuff that I don't know where and when I'm gonna work on them.
This piture was a huge picture of original characters I was going to color with my markers and make it really trppy and cool. The probelm with it is that most and nearly all of the characters I hardly draw anything about. I still love them none the less but I just never developed anything about them. Most commonly appearing chracters that I put thought into are:
Ozzie & Bear-Dog
Morals Are Good
Annie-Mae, Smot, Mr. Man (I'm even thinking of kicking him out of my crew...I'm not going to though, I just need to reedit his reason).
The rest of the characters I've given basic plot summeries and character development, but I never draw anything of them. At the moment I've put alot of effort into developing Rokko and Ginger which arn't original enough to call my own charaters. I think my probelm with my original characters is that I want to draw them in a style that isn't my own. They're not catchy enough for me to be interested in, and I would need to go through and really redesign them. The show that's got the biggest probelm is Toby the WareWolf, who is directly inspired by Spiderman (Being named after Toby McGuire) , FLCL, and Harry Potter but looks like Invader Zim. Toby's story is about how during your teen years you change so much you might as well be a ware wolf, and he metaphorically goes through the same issues as real teens do just through the idea of being a ware wolf. I love that it doesn't look like anime but what I want to do with it requires it to be for a more mature audiance and looking more realistic. I don't want warewolfs to be cutesy and silly, but I don't want Toby to be a damned soul and be fun for people to watch. I also love that Toby is not perfect, being a child of divorced parents, a run away, and not popular. Talking about him makes feel passionate for his story again. I might as well just work on his character again so I actually have some pictures of him to show off.

A funny pic I did to reflect my work back at the conveiniance store I worked for about half a year. There was a fly in asle three so I made a picture about it.
Fly: Do this beans have Picante in them?
Annie: If it says it's got Picante in it then it does.
Fly: Well I don't want Picante. And I'm not going to pay for something that has Picante in it
Annie: Then get the one that doesn't have Picante in it.
Fly: I want you to take the Picante out!
Anne: Lady, I'm just cleaning the floors here.
Klaus, He's such a two tone I can't belive I never heard of him before.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, bud, good stuff. Glad to see your work. I like to think about the progress you make. I've been doing more drawing as well. I really look forward to when my computer is working again and I can show you. -Spooky Burrito