Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Please Hippies

How to please a hippie...

1. Make it green. Somehow it needs to have the color green in it. Its not about "going green" but green has always been someone hippies love...maybe it's the color of pot but not all hippies are pot smokers but somehow they still love the color green.

2. Make your reds hearts because if they're not hearts they're fire, and fire is bad because it kills green things.

3. Pretend to care about what they have to say. If you don't agree with what they say, you can still warp the things you like into something they would agree with. I like pie, so instead of buying a SeraLee frozen pie, I would tell them I would LOVE to grow my own food to make that pie. This is true for me though but still, point remains, if you say you're not going to support big business they might just leave you alone.

Those are three things to help you deal with a naggin hippie. Part of my reason for saying this is that my school project is for a health and wellness class...and I happen to get miss proactive. Sure she's won me with guilt trips and the whole you're killing yourself with each peice of chocolate you eat...but to assign a project telling us NOT to cater to her and at the same time, showing us examples of previous projects she didn't think was A material (all of them fitting the cirteria) . It's like I NEED to BS the whole thing to get an A, which means I'm not being true to myself.

If it was up to me my project would this long:
I understand everything this class has taught me about health and wellness. The fact is, I can't control EVERYTHING that life throws at me. Death is a part of life, and while I'm not going to intentionally cause my own death faster, I'm not going to be rolling in my grave regretting all the fast food I ever ate. I will say "God I LOVE Chicken McNuggets!" The End.

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ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey there:) thanks for the comment, but I didn't get what you meant by this:
"While your cartooning isn't bad, I think most of your cartoons are asking to me something like this."

Do you mean I should add this style in my cartoons?:D