Saturday, November 7, 2009


So a local group of garden folks want me to do an instructional comic for them. I pitched a UPS style but before they want to commit to anything they wanted to see a style. This is a very rough sketch of what I want to show them. I'll clean this up later but you can watch how it progresses here.

So here is a newer version. I might end up getting rid of the girl but here you can see how the guys have been cleaned up and updated. Think in the compositionally I need as little elements as possible and add the girl in the main body of the comic later. The lady will be used somewhere else too...this is just a rough showing the style and I hope the clients get that much...need to finish it soon.

Ah so here is another update on this...but sadly each new version gets less interesting. I just want to get it done to show them because THIS is not being paid for it's just a sample I give them to let them see what I plan to do. So I SHOULD give them as little as I can and make them want more. Hopefully this decision won't discourage them...I also hope that they're not expecting me to give them a full comic without the promise of pay...either way PLEASE give me your comments on this. I need some feed back.

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