Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mountain Dew Contest WIP

The final version is up here at DA. Click to see the High Res there.

This is for the Mountain Dew contest on DA. I'm still working on a lot of it but the more opinions I can get the more I can see what else I need to do. Like the Rokko Bugs picture (which is defiantly on hold but not forgotten) I will use this blog post to show updates on it's progress so keep checking back. If you can show me pictures of good designs for characters, like the pigs or miss Red Riding Hood, please link them it's all good.

This will be a Black, Green and White piece, with the Egg being the only gold part. The MD logo will be over the egg and there will be room for the other logo around the mountains.

Mountain Dew Contest Rules> http://news.deviantart.com/article/59734/

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rokko's Dad

I've sinned a bit by creating a bigger back story and family for Rokko then I would've ever intended to. I figure that when you over complicate characters you loose some of the charm of them. When you create more family and more relationships you open it up for people to ask more questions. What works for Spongebob, as an easy hypothetical, is that it generically the same thing every episode, and doesn't really need the complexity to make it a good show. What works about Older cartoons like Betty Boop, Mickey, and Bugs is that at any moment the storyline and fit around the character, rather then having a storyline for the character to fallow. Over complexety really brings down the characters flexability.

So anyway here are Rokko's father and brother. Havn't really given them names yet, in tradition of all my other background characters. If I'm lucky I won't need to use them but for the geeks who must know, this would be the story. Rokko's family history is all about basturd children. Rokko never knew his father, and his father didn't know his and a good chance all the grandfathers before then didn't know who they belonged to. Rokko's dad met his mother when coming to shore one year, and from there I don't know how or why but she was so ashamed to have Rokko that moments after giving birth she dumped the poor boy over a bridge into a river and Rokko was discovered by Lon and Rokko never learns the truth of his parents until the 2000s.
Rokko's dad never knew about the girl he had a one night stand with had a child of his, he was several miles off shore down in Mexico by the time Rokko was around. Seven years later, and many countless girls along with it, he finally got tracked down by a Brazillian woman who had birthed his newest son. He could've easily dumped the child over board and the stress would be over, but with anger from not knowing his own parents (and this woman thinking she could just abondon her duties as a mother onto him) desided that he could raise this child to his likeing, and end the family line of basturds. Stranegly enough though, while Rokko grew up with spite for men/fathers, his brother grew up with a spite for women/mothers. Rokko was dumped into an orphanage and confused the whole experiance as to being apart of one large family where mother and father were so horrible they never had time for thier kids. He felt bad for his non-exsistant mother because she kept having child after child and leaving it for the older children to babysit them. He left the orphanage because he knew he'd end up like the older boys there, drugies, crooks, and in jail.

Rok's brother on the other hand, was upset that his mother never loved him. His father didn't suger coat anything for him, so alot of the harsh realities of life was tossed in his life, but in a more spoiledand sheltered method then what Rokko had to experiance on his own. Rokko lived the harsh realities of life, while his brother was safe on a boat listening to the ramblings of an old seaman who really didn't need a child anymore then the boys mother. I do have a good feeling that the boy never really had a possitive experiance with women to like them or treat them with respect. I did not intend him to be gay though, but it just seems like a possibility once he finds a girl he gets pregnant and forced to marry her, that he'd be looking for men to fool around with on the side.
The three of them meet up when Rokko finaly finds out the truth, which is hard to explain at the moment, because Lon is supposed to be dead in 2001. Rokko never gets a chance to reunite with him and understand why Lon gave his kids to Warner Brothers, or why Rokko was torrtured so horribly most of his life. With Lon's death Rokko finds himself in a halfway re-run state where nothing really important in his life happens that seem much different anymore then, but he's consious enough to see that his past demands some serious answering to. I'm not sure how or when he finds Lon's old sketch books and notes from the asylum but he discovers his real father and his birth story.

From there Rokko finds his dad's boat, and desides to join his fishing team rather then dropping the "you're my father" bomb right away. They stay in a LA harbor for a while until one day Rokko wakes up in a huge fog, and finds out they're in the middle of the Pasific Ocean and been traveling for Japan for some time now. Stuck with these two enimes for lord knows how many months Rokko comes to terms with his father's family side and finds the experiance releaving but sibling rivery raises up before Rok's brother figures out that they're related. While in Japan Rokko and his Bro have a night on the town, and his bro dares Rokko to a drinking match. 10 shots on Rokko and 3 for the bro, Rokko is still sober enough to keep his cool but soon after his brother stats explaining what women are good for (pussy and cleaning house) Rokko breaks his face in and takes him back to the boat to sail back home.
On the way home, Rokko's father explains to him the story about his brother and why he never knew about Rokko being born. Giving him some hard love he tells him that it's not hard to spot thier gentics, and if Rokko wanted to continue working for him now would be a good time to make up for lost time. Rokko only wanted to tell his father that he exsisted and had no need for his love and care anymore. Rokko needed to take care of his own family and after 3 more months traveling through the fog, ended back home to find out that his father and brother had died back in 1930 when they got lost in a fog and never returned. Even if Rokko wanted to see his father again, he couldn't but some stories need to be told just once. Closure is more important then just knowing the truth.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rokko in the Bugs WIP

Updated Finally. Starting to add color. Feels like it needs more black and dark. PLEASE tell me what you think so far.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Re-Run Theroy

I have this theroy about what happens to cartoons if they're not being developed emotionally or physically after a long period of time. They start to repeat alot of the same things over and over again until something breaks the cycle. That might be why some stay younger and/or some grow older. I'm still not sure why some grow older at different paces and speeds when others seem to stop dead in thier tracks. Several answers could be popularity or redesing of the characters (like cartoon plastic surgery) .
Think of a re-run cycle like this, it starts a few days after something horrible or something wonderful happens (near Apacolyps or best friends leave or a new baby or something crazy). Soon you'll find yourself doing the same thing everyday with no progress, it just becomes blah. You don't notice this is going on until one day if just dawns on you that life is boaring. By then days, weeks, or years might have gone by, but to you it felt like hours or just a few days. The cycle ends when you deside to change it or when something comes in to change it. If you deside to change it you only get a short period of time to stop the cycle otherwise you'll have to wait for another cycle to go by. The length of the cycle depends on how long you were caught in the cycle.
The length of the cycle is measured in 2 ways. 1) how many years in real time were you locked in one and 2) the diration of the cycle. Some cycles could just reapeat the same day or same moment over and over again (There was a Xena and X-files ep like that). Those ones are easy to break out of because you notice that things are repeating easier. Harder cycles to break are the ones that repeat every month or every 10 years (and so on). Hypothetically, you could be locked in a cycle for 10 years of real time but you were only repeating the same 7 months over and over again before some different happened.

One reason a character gets locked in a cycle is determined by the character's determination to forget about time and space. One good excample is that with movies with sequils with huge tiem gaps between the sequils. The gap between Starwars ep. 3 and ep. 4 is huge, and apperently growth of Luke and Leila is not important enough for us to see it. Even though real time is obviously progressing, none of the characters cared about time and space enough to have interesting character development. An easier example might be like in Pokemon. We fallow Ash and his friends all over the world but in certain caises we meet up with Ash's mom, who is obviously just at home doing nothing important enough to care about until that one ep where Ash desides to call her (which he sould do more often, she's your mother god damn it) and we see that she's doing all right. She is stuck in a re-run loop, even though we don't see her in it, she can't be doing anything worth mentioning and we assume she's been doing the same thing over and over again. She would break her cycle when one day she desides to try to contact Ash on her own, but lord knows how many times she looped in ther cycle to realised she needed to call her son.
When Ginger went missing from Rokko during the 1930's to the 1990's, she was locked in a re-run cycle. I'm not sure what type of repeating time phrame she had (if she repeated the same day or month, or longer) but she was only able to break her cycle when Rokko went to the house to find her. Rokko was never really in a cycle during the 50s-90s he was trying to find a way to stay out fo trouble. He was only locked in a small cycle during the 40's while he was being tortured. He broke out of it when Crikkit came in and saved him. If there isn't anybody looking for you from the normal time phrame, you'll most likely stay in you're cycle until you desised to go out and break it yourself. Rokko and Ginger never tried to break thier cycles because they didn't think they could or were in one. Ginger wasn't going to go out to find Rokko because he said he would come back. Rokko had given up hope of escaping on his own.

When a character desided to break out of his own loop it's always alot tougher and for good reason. There are many stories about characters (mostly villans) being trapped for 1,000s of years in a vortex waiting for someone to let them loose. The reason they're trapped for so long is because nobody is looking to set them free. These characters can influance outside characters to setting them free, but it's only with the Aid of characters from outside of the loop who can do it.
Ginger's family hit a rerun loop just about after Gigner got married. It took them forever to figure out what they had to do to get out of it, which was to make sure Rokko never met Ginger. The family's history would repeat on Ginger's father's birthday, which was the day Rokko came into town, then loop around for 5 years. The family is so pissed off at Rokko that they can't let the day he kidnapped her die, the loop would start at a later date if they didn't feel that that day was so important. So many years later (present day to Ginger) they deside to break cycle and invite her to her dad's party and see if they can get Ginger to stay with them. Hoping that she will see that Rokko in a moronic drunk (which is how they know him, not true anymore) because they're still stuck in 1910s. They know that if Ginger stays with them on this day, the past 100 years will erase and start all over again.

So Ginger and Rokko go to see her family thinking it's still present day. The two of them struggle to deal with the family's predjudices. Ginger's brothers encourage Rokko's drinking, turning him into a angstful drunk, pissed off at the family's ridacules and abuse. As Rokko gets drunker and drunker and Ginger starts to feel remorse for her family and wishes to stay with them, until Rokko gets her in a bedroom and they shag it up. From the bedroom to the gravel road, and from there to the car they go at it like maniacs. As Rokko drives away (Ginger twisting herself around him) the family get in their car to fallow to take her back. After a wild car chaise they elude the family for a while, and the two of them finish their fiesta in a feild. From over the hills Ginger see Rokko and Crikkit wandering around heading for the nearby town. Confused, Ginger soon realise that they're not in present day anymore. She hides Rokko from seeing his past self and takes him back to the road to escape history catching up with them. The come up a ways to only be blocked by Ginger's family. With the only exist back where Rokko and Crikkit are, Ginger makes a run for it, draggin present Rokko past his former self without making eyecontact. The two of them fall into an abondoned parking lot back in present day.
Ginger explains to Rokko that she thought he'd want to recapture his youth so if he met up with his young self, "they'd blow up time and space". The only reasons she ran behind the old Rokko was because she figured the old one wouldn't want to go to a place he'd already been and so the space behind him was safe. Rokko exlpains to her that even if history had started over again and Ginger's family had made sure they two of them would never met, Rokko would find a way to be with Ginger always. Because Ginger's family house was back in 1910, all of that location and property dissapeared to make way for the present day stuff. Ginger's family is still alive but they won't return for another 5 years to try to re-write history, but she only plans just to visit.

Warning Not for Kids>

More new characters

Here is another Young and Old comparison set drawings of some more consistant characters. Ginger of corse is in here. Not much changes with her except having children brought her body down to a confortable sag. What woman doesn't loose her pep through life, even the happiest of ones?

Now the two other characters are best excamples of background characters that I've given a little more depth. Sadly these two don't have names yet either. I have quite a few characters that I havn't felt like giving names yet but usually most people know who I'm talking about (it's sad when I have a name of a character and people don't know who I'm talking about). For now I'll called them Joe and FiFi

Joe is like a two tone Fry (furturama), just a normal guy hanging around a bunch of freaks. He would see Rokko and his friends running around town causing trouble and just wanted to be apart of it. When his friends and family ask why he hangs around such crazy people he just says "They make me laugh!" Occassionally he get involved with Rokko schemes but ends up getting in trouble in the end. When WW1 started, Joe was the only one of the boys to get drafted into the war. Tooki and Gilbur were 4F'd because of deformities, unlike Rokko they wanted to go off to fight. Rokko and Crikkit did everything they could to get out of being drafted and to a point of fakeing thier deaths. When Rokko heard that Joe was drafted he gathered all the guys together to go out to Europe to save Joe from the germans. They hired a captain to take them to Europe but they were attacked by a Krakken along the way. With great luck Rokko servived but got separated from his friends but desided to go look for Joe on his own. With Crazy luck Rokko stubbled into a battlefeild were Joe was stationed at...Right in the middle of a air raid. So here comes Rokko stumbbling into the trenches and dragging Joe to "Safety". After many arugements about patriotic duty and "saving ones own ass", Joe left with Rokko over the French contry side to find Rokko's missing friends. It wasn't long before the army found Joe and Rokko and court marshell'd them both. They were tacken to an army base where they ran into all of Rokko's lost friends, who had been picked up by the French Navy and tacken to the same base. There, they were all put up as entertainment, and met up with FiFi.
FiFi doesn't talk much, she laughs and yells but mostly she doesn't talk (probally because she doesn't speak english well). Originally I was going to have Rokko met Ginger while in Europe but I desised that this would be a better chance to introduce FiFi. While Joe is 18 FiFi is about 16-17 when they 1st met her. She did like Rokko alot at the time and when Ginger came into the picture she was jelious but she got along better with Joe. Even when Rokko was womanizing he never once tried to go after FiFi, she would hit him and drop heavey things on him while giggling. He didn't get the idea that she liked him at all. After a while her desire for him died and she fell in love with Joe. The two of them are the oldest looking of all of Rokko's friends. Not Sure why they aged more then the others over the years but it's always nice to have old looking characters.

Friday, April 11, 2008

More Back up Characters.

Sigh, been a while with a new post, but everytime I've wanted to post something new I've been at someone elses computer, where I wasn't able to upload new images. I'm gonna talk about as many cahracters as I see important on these pages.

ON this page you can see the 1st drawings of my Batman and his boy XD. I just noticed I gave him a pocket protector which I didn't draw on any of the other drawings. The big robot is one failed attempt to create a body design for Rokko's Mob boss that I've been talking about. I turned it into a robot because I wanted a robot detecitve, or something. The idea of having a robot as a friend/ally for Rokko was a neat idea but I didn't want one as tall as him, so I made the little one at top. I'm still not sure if I like that design.
I love Joe's Apartment, so I started just doodling some roach designs, that would be equils to Crikkit's friends and random background roaches. The human on this page was another attempt at drawing the mob boss (I swear I tried to draw this villan many times before I came up with something I like and I still don't think it's the best design...you'll see it later). I was looking for a the scaryness of Micheal Corleone, seeing how he started wanting to be out of the 'family business' but soon became scary and dangerous. Now I'm thinking that guy would make an interesting human Crikkit.

Here's some characters that we've mostly seen already. Here is the pencil version of that group drinking picture that I finished a couple of days ago. You can see how the lineart gets cleaned up. The top picture of Rokko and the Rabbit is an intersting one but I love the expressions and senerio. Rokko is aware that he is an old cartoon and his creator has died. Old cartoons tend to get in a rut and forget why they do the things they do because they don't have anybody reinventing thierpersonalities and meaning. Normally Rokko and Rabbit would be at each other throats Kill Bill style, but that's not always the caise. One night Rokko explains this phenomion to Ginger and says that the other night while picking up tampons and a pregnacy tester at 1 AM he ran into him picking up some condoms himself (coming from a party with girls in his car). While the hatred was still there, the effort was not. It was out of context, like if they broke out into fists of furry then, what was the point, nobody was watching. It's an odd feeling to be a cartoon, because you never know what's being filmed and what's just a normal, butt scratching type of day.
Rokko is also swipping Gilbur's penis hat. I still havn't drawn the expression he has when Rokko calls it that but I just don't draw the character enough.
Now Rokko's life during the 50's-90s (while he was away from Ginger) was another one of those just living moments. It was the most depressing time of his life but to him he was equally sharing the pain that his creator was having while he was locked away in a mental asylem (Lon Borax was his creator, for those of you who didn't know). Rokko learned during that time that he couldn't die. Every method used to try to kill himself just failed and he soon just wanted to go away. He did remarry a couple of times but non of those women were right for him. The dog lady (not the flapper girl) was one of those women, but he didn't want to marry her, she just said you're my husban now and that was it. FaFa was a minor background character in a MGM cartoon, just as a young puppy back then, but then her design was moved to advertise Dog Food for a small chain and her work consisted of quick commercial shots and packaging labels. Because of that small money though she was able to become a rich lady who bought husbans for her amusement. Rokko was her husban in californina, who he shared a house with another one of her husbands who couldn't speak english. Rokko himself didn't care enough to object to her paligamist fantasies, but he never got sexual with her because of his feelings for Ginger. FaFa didn't care weather he really liked her or not, but the idea of having a sexy arm candy like him was enough, and she felt sorry for his story. She only divroced him because her official husban was starting to find out about these other men she collected. She gave tearful kisses good bye and said he could come back to her when ever he needed.
Other characters on this page include the flapper girl, who is one of Rokko's 1910 friends who I drew an older version for. I'm still working on her personality but she never really had a big thing for Rokko, just a friend. She does fall in love with the human character I have as one of Rokko's friends. The guy in the white suit at the bottom is another character Rokko met during the 70's. He's like a chipmunk reject, because he's kinda like Alvin and the Chipmunks semi human character designs, but not human or animal enough. He's codeanmed QueBall because he's got an 8 ball for an eye and his eye was pushed to the back of his head. The other eye he went blind in but he can see perfectly out the eye in the back of his head. He's got massive kung-fu skills a great underground resorce for Rokko. A couple of the characters on this page are jsut background characters. The cops are still work in progress but they are old versions of two cops that were constanly after Rokko.
That's it for now. Any other questions?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tooki and Gilbur

So I get a new art pad which is always nice but I desiged to dedicate the 1st few pages to Rokko's friends and foes. I've come to realize that I havn't introduced alot of characters I wanted to add to Rokko's storyline yet. I've been drawing alot and alot of two toned and regular characters just to fill space and I like that I don't have to give them alot of story lines or anything else really important. These fallowing characters are quite important, and soon when I get more pages cleaned up and looking nice I'll dump a whole lot of sketches of characters I've done.

So this picture is a comparison of younger Rokko and his friends next to older designs of them. Rokko changed his over all apperance around the time he becomes a dad. He's also has the most variation of cloth options of all the other characters, from the teal shorts, to the green pinstriped pants with red suspenders, white tanktop,white button up shirt and rest vest combo (something else I need to draw as well). He actually looses wight when he gets older because he's not drinking as much and becomes more lean but still has a beefy gurth to him that he won't be able to get rid of. If he was of human size standards you could see Rokko as a 205 Lb man, most of it mussel.

Gilbur and Tooki are two of his friends that I've kinda put into the lead slot of consistant friends. The two that you'll most likely see haning out with Rokko when they boozing it up. Tooki is far more of a drunk then Rokko but he drinks in moderation where Rokko will binge like mad for one whole night and binge in the morning to wear off the hangover. Tooki is older then Rokko by 5 years, so he is the only one (during the 1910s) who was leagally allowed to drink. He started off as a co-owner to a ladies club to which Rokko happened to stubble into one night while bar hopping. The bar tender put Tooki in charge to get rid of Rokko, by any means nessisary, but no matter how hard he tried Rokko kept coming back. Finally they let Rokko stick around to be a body guards for the ladies, seeing how he was so nice to them (not just for treating them like ladies either). One day, a rabbit comes into the club and starts harrasing one of the girls, and Rokko comes to kick his ass out of the club. This rabbit was the 1st meeting of one of Rokko's most hated enimies, a gangster that worked for the mob (sadly I don't have a name for him yet). Tooki knew this was the end of his club because of Rokko's ignorance, so he set Rokko up to get 'food' for the mob. They tied Rokko up and dumped him off a peir with some nice cement shoes...two days later Rokko shows up to work again at the club covered in seaweed and still tied up asking for a beer and a straw (innocently claiming he had crabs, while pulling a crab out fo his pants.) After seeing this feat of endurment, the mob picked up Rokko to be a gruff picking up protection money and if they couldn't pay they lost thier buisness to fire...unfortunally for Tooki, Rokko accidentally set Tooki's club on fire. Rokko says he owes Tooki for loosing his establishment but that whole ordeal has been forgetting by lost braincells and time. Tooki is still a gigolo and male escort to the ladies. Tooki is a generic black bird/crow, he's basised off just the old 1920s cartoons of black birds. The name just came to me when I was thinking of a name (like George of the Jungle's Tooki bird) but looking at him now I'm worried that having a cat and crow together might be too much like Fritz the Cat even though I hadn't seen the movie until a few months ago. His personality came with his design I never really baised his character off anyone I knew or knew of.

Not much else can be said about Gilbur other then he's a dork. He's younger then Rokko by 2 years which makes him an easy target for Rokko's harrasment and riddicule. Gilbur really doesn't have an official back story other then he saw Rokko one day and fallowed him around. It's a good chance that he's one of those kids who daddy wanted him to be manly so he desided to get a role model of someone who was really manly, which ment he had to pick up a blood alchohol level of 3.8. Gilbur never holds his liqur and numerous amounts of times he looses his lunch on Rokko (and soon gets his face ripped up) . He's also one of those kids who makes a joke and laughs longer at it then the joke requires.
When I designed Gil I wanted a white two-toned character, because not all 1920s characters were black. He's not designed to be anything, but shifts closely to a bunny dog. The closest animale he might be is a Pug dog but his ears are more rabbit like. I never wanted to give him a hat like that until I loved the idea of Rokko tearing it off his head calling it a "penis hat" and the look on Gil's face when he realises that it does look like a penis is priceless (I need to draw it). The penis hat lives on. Gil changes alot when he gets older, but he looks more like all the joy and youth has been sucked out of him. Like one day he woke up and was hit with reality like a train (or the ugly stick). Gil represents alot of annoying people I've met in my life, and a little mix of Droopy and Gill from the Simpsons.
This guy is a villan and I really grasped his character the 1st time I drew him (these the 1st drawings I had). It's kinda odd how these characters kidna jump to me, even when I don't spend alot of time thinking of them up or putting them into plots. I wanted an evil doctor type who would torture Rokko with bizzare experiments and be someone that was pushed around by the mob to do so. Bats are another commonly seen type of two tone but most of them are just mice with wings or a shape of a bat, rarley were any of them actual characters. This character I can see other people getting into because he gives off a Doc Oct kinda feel. Lonely, intelligent, calm but insane. He's so normal when he's talking that you forget that if he had the chance he'd rip open your guts just to see how you'd react to the pain. Like a boy pulling off the wings on a fly, you want to see what the fly does without his livelyhood. He has guilt which would make you think he has a moral code but he doesn't because he'll encorage his son to do most of the horrible stuff he does. Most of his guilt comes from fear of being caught, because they know they will do the same things to him as he's done to other people.
His son is most likely a clone of himself (Jango-Fett and Boba-Fett) seeing how he's shown no intrest in women. When he is interested in women it seems to be on a crowed bus with a hand up thier skirt. Both he and his son are not blind but thier eyes are not suitable for light, most of the time they will be wearing thier sun glasses walking around under parasols if they have to come out during the daylight. Thier eyes are really fun, but would probally take 500 frames to draw because they're always shifting colors and spiralling around (the doctor more then his son). The bit with the apron IS inspired by Breaking Bad if you were thinking that XD. Soo someday I will have a good name for him, and I've already added more pictures to this page here so I'll be updating that someday.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sketch Blog I guess...

Well even trying to scan some newer things and edit them in Photoshop my computer started to go funcky on me, so I'm left uploading stuff I've already scanned. Below are some pictures that are random old stuff that I don't know where and when I'm gonna work on them.
This piture was a huge picture of original characters I was going to color with my markers and make it really trppy and cool. The probelm with it is that most and nearly all of the characters I hardly draw anything about. I still love them none the less but I just never developed anything about them. Most commonly appearing chracters that I put thought into are:
Ozzie & Bear-Dog
Morals Are Good
Annie-Mae, Smot, Mr. Man (I'm even thinking of kicking him out of my crew...I'm not going to though, I just need to reedit his reason).
The rest of the characters I've given basic plot summeries and character development, but I never draw anything of them. At the moment I've put alot of effort into developing Rokko and Ginger which arn't original enough to call my own charaters. I think my probelm with my original characters is that I want to draw them in a style that isn't my own. They're not catchy enough for me to be interested in, and I would need to go through and really redesign them. The show that's got the biggest probelm is Toby the WareWolf, who is directly inspired by Spiderman (Being named after Toby McGuire) , FLCL, and Harry Potter but looks like Invader Zim. Toby's story is about how during your teen years you change so much you might as well be a ware wolf, and he metaphorically goes through the same issues as real teens do just through the idea of being a ware wolf. I love that it doesn't look like anime but what I want to do with it requires it to be for a more mature audiance and looking more realistic. I don't want warewolfs to be cutesy and silly, but I don't want Toby to be a damned soul and be fun for people to watch. I also love that Toby is not perfect, being a child of divorced parents, a run away, and not popular. Talking about him makes feel passionate for his story again. I might as well just work on his character again so I actually have some pictures of him to show off.

A funny pic I did to reflect my work back at the conveiniance store I worked for about half a year. There was a fly in asle three so I made a picture about it.
Fly: Do this beans have Picante in them?
Annie: If it says it's got Picante in it then it does.
Fly: Well I don't want Picante. And I'm not going to pay for something that has Picante in it
Annie: Then get the one that doesn't have Picante in it.
Fly: I want you to take the Picante out!
Anne: Lady, I'm just cleaning the floors here.
Klaus, He's such a two tone I can't belive I never heard of him before.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Long Haul

Hay there, I'm only sure one person reads this, but seeing how I do put a link to in in my DA account I figure somebody has to click on it everynow and then.

For those of you who don't know my computer is pretty stupid. The amount of artwork I can acaully finish is just traditional artwork I scanned and edit the grays and work with one layer. This computer has gotten slower with every little jepeg I add to it but I still push along until I can use my own computer. Some day I'll get a paypwal account and mass buy all the things I need to set my computer up nice.

Anyway, insted of working on that Transcreation article, which I do want to get back into again, I'll show you some of the work I did have started. I have more after a while so come back and check in.