Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some Facts About Milly

SO a few Facts about Milly… the problem with her is that I’ve only really developed her future. I’ve kept her past a mystery, cause she is a bit of a "put yourself in her shoes" sort of character. Rather bland on purpose, but that’s NEVER a good thing to do. It’s certainly something I don’t like about those types of characters, so why would I MAKE one like that?…Honestly she is a small avatar for me, so I should try and make her more of her own person.

So some facts.

Milly likes crazy electronic music, including Dubstep. She uses it once to mess with all the ghosts in the Hotel cause it bothers ALL of them and she can walk around like it’s no big deal, because she listens to it all the time. It’s a bit of a means of fucking with Grunder, and unfortunately everyone else has to suffer cause he was being a dick.

Milly inherited the Hotel from a long distance cousin who died. The family threw it on her cause they knew the hotel was cursed and thought the only way to deal with the deed was to throw it at an unsuspecting American. Milly never really meets these people cause they were all related through marriage, so she has no means to contact them other then to say ‘thanks’ ironically. How her cousin came of the hotel is a longer story.

Milly is a shut in, and while I’ve honestly never figured out why she takes the deed, she doesn’t have knowledge of where her parents are at. Apparently they’re explorers, and go around the world just looking for cool new stuff to discover. Sometimes she gets a post card from them where they last set foot, but they always say she should leave the house more often and they love and miss her.

She does like to draw a lot, and facebooks very often with her little doodles about what she does during the day or her funny ideas. She’s made more friends on facebook cause of that, then she felt she could do in real life.

Milly’s favourite foods are poptarts (chocolate), apples, and ramen…she adapted to not needing much to eat during the day. If she can’t fit it in her pockets, she doesn’t buy it. She already likes tea, and was excited that England’s teas are really that good.

 Milly likes Baloney. She’ll eat baloney and mayo sammiches, and make faces out of the slices of Baloney. She also likes a lot of juvenile activities as it’s taken her a while to grow up in her habits. She still has a pair of Jellies from the 80’s that her mom used to wear, and prefers to use them over Crocs. I do need to draw her in different outfits…that could be another sketch page.

This page was done recently when I was visting my friend Abby and she kidnapped my drawing paper and littered it with all these wonderful drawings of Milly, Grunder, and a wonderfully spooky Russle. She made Milly’s hair long in the back never occurred to me to draw, cause I’m so used to drawing everyone’s hair short in the back.

Then we just had some fun doodling faces and fucking up Grunder’s mood with Egg shitting rabbits…True fact, Cadbury Eggs didn’t exist until about the 20’s, but the company was making Chocolate drinks during the 1800’s so Grunder would’ve known was Cadbury was…just have no fucking idea why they made cream filled eggs.

A factoid from Abby’s side: Nick Archade likes Grunder…but it’s more like a folklore legend in his mind, and they’re non canonically connected. It’s the same way Bart Simpson likes Radioactive Man, Grunder is a story/comic Nick is aware of in his own world, and likes Him. He could possibly have nightmare sex fantasies about Grunder pinning him down in bed, but I’ll leave that to Abby to write.

And Spongebab…that is all.

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