Friday, May 31, 2013

I've Been Busy With Life

Hello people here. You have NO idea how hard it's been for me to constantly update all the blogs I run and have a life outside the internet at the same time. I'm drawing a lot but nothing I really want to showcase here on Don't Poke Smot. I like to keep this blog just about finished and original artwork rather then simple doodles and things.

This blog also in need of a an update to a more comfortable Google Blogger style, cause I'm still using an old CSS style that looks great for me, but doesn't work very well for Google Blogger. I mean I have no reason to update the CSS style to one I dont like but I think google blogger will love me better if I commit to what they want me to do.

EITHER WAY. If you've come to this blog to look for my art work, thanks a lot. I love you. My devianart account has always been more active cause I post my fanart and my Google + is another great way to stay in contact with me on a social networking scale. Also I've set up a Society6 account to start selling a few things. Thanks a lot for stopping by and I'll do my best to keep posting and updating here.

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