Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A few little things about Eddie!

Eddie Eel loves carrots
But doesn't like to eat other fish. Even if he had to he'd rather starve.

Even though he has teeth and jaws like a real eel he does his best to eat a vegetarian life style.  If Eddie HAD to eat a fish he'd ask first, to make sure the fish was ok with being eaten, and if the fish said 'no' Eddie would let them go and apologize deeply for asking something so offensive.
Like most eels and carnivorous fish like sharks, they search for food with their sensitive smell. Often at the smell of blood Eddie will get sick and run off to avoid contact (if he doesn't feint first). Shark has a harder time avoiding the luscious smell of blood, how ever Eddie is completely tolerant of other carnivores eating meat. Sharks need meat to live but if he can get his friend to eat a salad every once in a while it makes him most happy!

I think that's the most I can say for now. Enjoy some new sketches!
So lets see I have a few pics of the characters without cloths. Shark never wears cloths very often I guess cloths don't work on a shark's rough skin. Then a bit of some other Ed and Jen pics. He's always swimming around her trying to make her feel good, but she's such a troubled girl. They got a Forrest Gump and Jenny relationship.

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