Friday, October 5, 2012

Spooky Postcards for Sale

That's right I designed a whole new set of post cards that I plan on selling around. Once again I used to print these out, as I've just enjoyed using their set up and their company for their other products. These postcards have a photo glossy finish and the opposite side is empty which allows you to write or draw something of your own when you go to mail it.

As for price I'm still not sure. I can send you two for 3.00$ which covers shipping to you personally (prices may change over time). You get two designs that you choose to keep as just art cards or actually use to send through the post. I do like to consider these as art cards more then post cards, but really do what you like. I will be selling these in person as well, like at shows and events that I'm attending...If I CAN, I'll find a shop in my home town that I can sell for me. Either way, just showing you all what I got. Enjoy. 

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