Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rokko Daddy

This fallowing story does contain some mature artwork. So please be warned. Proofread by DMajorBoss.
This is also a parody story of many different elements, both Bioschock and Captain Kangaroo. The image below was an extensive piece using over 40 layers and done over the course of three weeks, gathering textures and brush styles from around the net. If you'd like to know which stock images I used I can find where I got them from but most of them I didn't write down...NOW ON TO THE STORY!!

Rokko get a call from the cops and is ordered to kill a magic man who has built a palace under the sea. He broadcasts his TV show to children and begs them to come down to his palace to live forever in fun and joy. Since this show has been on the air, children have been either disappearing or running away from different parts all over the country. The cops have found out that the signal to the show comes from deep in the ocean but no one can go down there to stop him. Rokko wouldn't normally do work for the cops, but this is a "Do this or go to jail" situation.

Rokko gets a dive suit and ventures under the sea to find the palace. Once he finds it, he's not met with open arms. The castle's barracks open up and shoots at him, but he's able to drill into a sewage duct to get inside. He sneaks around until he gets to a ball room and sees a huge party. After finding a guy whose suite he snags, he tries to blend in with the crowd of people. What he learns from people is that the Magic Man is a genius and fun to be around. He makes special elixirs that give the people super powers, such as lightening and telekinetic abilities. They're so happy that they never want to leave, even if it seems unfair that he makes all the rules.

The man of the hour soon shows up to make his gala entrance. He introduces himself as Captain Kid and introduces his Puppet friend Lilac the Sleepy Moose. Captain Kid is so happy to see everyone here at the party for the 27th time in a row, but informs them that there is a spy in the castle. They all get scared but the Captain tells them there is no need for alarm, this spy is as welcome as anyone else here. The captain can promise that the spy will never want leave once he sees how great this place is. He calls the party to a close and starts to walk into the crowd towards Rokko. Rokko keeps it cool, pretty sure that even if he knows Rokko is the spy, they don't have to get into a fight.

The captain shakes Rokko's hands as asks him why he has infiltrated his castle, a simple knock on the door would have been enough. As they walk together for a bit Rokko bluntly states that he is there to investigate the cause of the missing children and his TV show. The Captain explains that anyone who's come down here has done so willingly. While he would like for the children to come down to play with him, he does try to tell them why going back home would be so much better. Before Rokko can ask more, the Captain introduces Rokko to a small club on the side of the castle that serves alcohol and where a band of Two Toned characters are performing on the stage. Rokko sees a cute Rabbit girl on stage singing some crazy swing tunes. Rokko gets entranced with her performance as the Captain tells a butler to give Rokko a cocktail.

When the band finishes performing the Captain brings the Rabbit to meet Rokko. She gets excited to see another Two Tone and explains how she was offered the job to play down in the castle by the Captain when he saw her back on the surface. The butler brings up the cocktails and it's this bright glowing green mixture in a baby bottle. Rokko looks at it confused but the Captain explains that this is the elixir the he gives the people so that they get super powers. The Rabbit takes hers and drinks it up with joy and floats with laughter. Rokko says, "They're making crazier stuff on the surface. Probably won't give me the same high as she's getting now."

The Rabbit girl starts asking Rokko more and more questions about the surface, so the Captain leaves the two of them be. They talk a bit and as the night goes one Rokko eventually takes a swig of the elixir (without the nipple attached). This leads to a surge of odd powers and feelings that make Rokko feel ill but he holds it in so as to not freak out the girl. She goes on about how she and her friends felt like the world around them was moving too fast and noone liked old cartoons anymore. Rokko looking just as green as the elixir begs to be excused while he finds a restroom. He makes it to a toilet but vomits up Ping Pong balls. He looks at his mess in the toilet and says "Ping Pong Balls?" thus causing a rainstorm of ping pong balls fall on him. With his finger he controls the storm cloud to moving it around and as it drops ping pong balls. Rokko leaves the bathroom pissed off but is stopped by the girl at the door. She asks what his power is, and Rokko asks, "Who else drops ping pong balls?" thus causing a rainstorm of balls to drop on the two of them. The Rabbit laughs saying, "How fun." Rokko is upset, "What a useless power." The Bulter seeing what has happened, looks at Rokko with fear and walks to the back of the bar.

Rokko and the Rabbit walk around the castle while looking out onto the ocean floor feeling really happy. Outside of having a stupid power Rokko feels really happy being here. They run into Lilac who's just a wandering puppet head that floats across the floor. The rabbit is happy to see Lilac but Lilac gives Rokko a long unblinking stare while the two of them walk to Rabbit's room. The two of them have a few more drinks and eventually have sex. After some time, Rokko wakes up feeling ill again and throws up more ping pong balls in her bathroom, "How the hell do I flush these things?" He gets back into the bedroom and looks at the rabbit again. He thinks about staying because the feelings he gets down there are so nostalgic and the Rabbit girl reminds him of Ginger. If he had to leave, would he come back to take her to the surface with him? He sighed and shook his head. He is on a mission after all, so he puts on his cloths on to go exploring alone. While getting dressed, he finds a note in his pocket that is written in purple crayon, reading "meet me in the main dance hall."

Rokko heads to the dance hall, pretty sure it's a set up and ready to fight but just sees the moose head on the stare case sleeping. He walks over to it and taps it to wake it up. He shows it the note and Lilac nudges its head to walk to a water tank that leads outside. Lilac tells Rokko that he needs to get in that suit he brought with him, they can only talk in a place that the captain can't hear them. Rokko swims outside until he sees his suit and brings it inside the tank again.

Inside the suit, Lilac tells Rokko that the elixir Rokko took was made just for him. It's the only power that could stop the Captain and free the people in the castle. The captain has no intention of allowing anyone to leave, but the elixirs are killing the people in this castle. Rokko asks about the kids, and Lilac confirms that there are kids in the castle that want to go home and refuse to take the elixirs, so the Captain keeps them locked up. Rokko sees that this is the only time to take out the Captain, but wants to tell the Rabbit about it 1st, to give her a chance to leave with him. Lilac tells Rokko it's not possible cause at a certain hour all the doors are closed up since the elixirs give the people night cravings. People are so addicted that they'll go mad without them and some people have been known to break out of their rooms to raid the bars that serve them. This gives Rokko more of a reason to move quickly.

As Rokko runs through the castle back to Rabbit's room, the cameras are following him and doors have locked signals turned on. Lilac keeps falling asleep on him and wakes up randomly to tell Rokko what's happening. Lilac tells Rokko that no guards will attack him until all the doors are locked, "Captain doesn't see you threating enough to worry the people this early in the morning." Rokko gets to the Rabbit's room and she wakes up in a fright and floats to the ceiling to hide. Rokko takes off his mask to show that it's him and she comes down. He tells her what's going on but the door locks behind them and green gas starts to pump into the room. Rokko and the Rabbit start to lurch in pain and their eyes glow green. Lilac tells Rokko to put the mask back on, and he regains his consciousness. Rokko and Lilac watch as the Rabbit floats into the ceiling screaming in pain. Rokko panics but Lilac gets angry, upset that the Captain is making her go through the withdrawals of the elixir. A voice over the castle halls can be heard saying, "The Spy stole all the elixirs. Get him!" All the doors unlock and Rokko runs from the Rabbit to avoid hurting her.

Rokko runs through the castle dodging addict zombies, trying not to hurt people even though their strength is amazing. Lilac tells Rokko to use his Ping Pong balls, which cause people to trip and slip all over each other. Rokko drills into the vents and fills them up with as much Ping Pong balls as he can. Some people are able to shake off the cravings of the elixir as the gas in certain areas diffuses, but others die from the shock. Getting closer to the Captain's room, the guards are released and Rokko can go drill happy on them. Rokko unfortunately is over come when his suit is punctured and thee smell of the gas makes him pass out.

In the Captain's Room, Rokko wakes up to see that the captain has chugged a shit load of elixirs and has turned into a huge monster. Rokko hears Lilac from inside his suit say that the captain will blow up the castle. The Captain monologues about that now Rokko is here, more people will come down to take the castle away from him. He's the only one who can control his world and noone else will have his dream. The kids left cause they were ignored, imagination stilted. The drugs they take on the surface will kill them, down here they are immortal. Lilac whispers to Rokko that when he's done that he needs to tell the captain this...
Rokko: "You're forgetting one thing captain!"
Captain: "Oh?...and what is that?"
Rokko: "...what?!...*listens to Lilac and shakes his head*...Ping Pong Balls."
A rainstorm of Ping Pong Balls falls over the Captain and his expression changes from surprise to laughter and anger in a frighteningly quick time. Rokko flinches pretty sure that he's going to feel pain soon. The Captain yells out, "LILAC! You mother fucker, where are you?!'
Lilac looks over Rokko's shoulder and the Captain looks disgusted at the moose, "YOU are the spy? Why?"
Lilac: "It used to be funny!"
Captain: "You're still on this stupid gag?! You, behind my back, make an elixir to just humiliate me?"
Lilac: "NO! To have fun. We made a world together to have a place for our selves and our friends. It was about fun and using our imaginations to take us anywhere. The outside world will never understand, but we're supposed to understand each other."

Captain: "And still you mock me?! ME?! I made this world! This is my world and I want it MY WAY! You got it?! My world! My Rules!! And NO MORE Mother fuckn' PING PONG BALLS!"
A shower of Ping Pong Balls rain on the captain and he goes ape shit and rips up chairs and consoles attached to the walls and throw them at Rokko. Rokko gets hit with a chair but it snaps one of the restraints and he's able to break free. Lilac falls to the floor and tries to slither away but gets crushed and ripped from falling debris. Rokko jumps on the Captain, pounds his face and blasts ping pong balls into his mouth. Rokko makes a kill move and drills into the captain's gut, but sees his drill is stopped by a large safety pin. Confused, Rokko is knocked into a wall by the captain's failing arms.

The Captain runs after Rokko but trips over Ping Pong balls and falls over crying in a tantrum. Rokko gets up to drill the captain in the head but called off by a limping Lilac. Lilac jumps on the Captain and sings Lullaby and Goodnight. Rokko looks on in confusion as the Captain starts to calm down and grabs Lilac in a cuddle position and sucks his thumb. Lilac tells Rokko to press a button on the counsel. This stops the self destruct mode of the castle and plays classical music. A different smelling air is pumped into the room and the captain turns into a baby. All around the castle the people start turning into children. Lilac tells Rokko where the kids who have been locked up are and to just take everyone back to the surface.

After Rokko gets all the kids he can find in a submarine, he looks to find the Rabbit girl and her other band mates. He sees that she has been turned into a child as well. Rokko grows scared over what he did to her as an adult, but she doesn't remember any of it. Rokko and the kids get up to the surface and many parents are happy to see them. The children who were adults are surprised to see that much time has passed and all their relatives are now much older then they were when they left. The cops ask Rokko who all the other kids are and Rokko can't explain it other then drugs do crazy shit to your body. "Think of it as all of them getting a 2nd chance at life...even if it means it'll be worse than what it was like down there."

Rokko takes the Rabbit girl and her friends to where they used to live, in a small forest town, lost in a re-run loop. Everyone in that town is the same age as they were when the Rabbit and her pals left. Happy to see friends and family they jump onto the stage and perform their song. Rokko looks at em with sadness and disgust with himself. Later in the day, after Rokko and Crikkit catch up, Crikkit says that if she was made in the 30's she'd be an adult regardless of what she looks like. That and she probably puts out to her buddies all the time. Rokko gives Crikkit a death stare and yells, "Ping Pong Balls!" Crikkit flinches but nothing happens. Rokko squints and says "You lucked out this time."

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