Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eddie Eel Plushy Show: Halloween Special

This was a totally last minuet idea. It's shorter cause I did NOT recording the music at the same time as I'm recording the action. This is good cause I can adjust the sound better and the videos are shorter but I found the music sets the pace for the whole video while I ad lib it. I also didn't want to have music recording in the background because I was having such a hard time getting the right takes. I couldn't focus on anything and the family was being to loud, there were only two good takes I could use, and in this video I cropped and cut out certain parts and audio from each of them to make this vid (I saved some of them so I think I'll make a blooper reel for kicks).

Anyway, I really liked how this came out, but I think I'll have to start righting out what I need to say. Sharks speech about Halloween costumes came out better when I wrote it down, as well as Eddie's candy advice. Every one I do gets better, keep giving me feedback.

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