Friday, July 30, 2010

MORE Eddie Eel Fanart; Thanks

Well the month of July is coming to a close. And I'm going to show off some more WONDERFUL fanart I've gotten from people. People love the Eel XD.

The left one was a commission/gift from Thweatted. She was asked by a friend to draw him for me, and it's a really special gift cause I love her art so much.
The right is done by a fan who just gave me a wonderful gift and while XxNashxX thinks it's not that good, I love seeing anyone do fanart of my characters. Thanks a lot.

The one below was another gift commissioned by a friend by the Galen. He had some problems with Shark but I asked for a fix and it turned out great. I love seeing the whole crew.

The one below was made by Coralyoshi as a commission from a friend, and she ended up loving my guys. This is so fun and makes a good story to tell here. I have a few sketches she did with an alternate Jenny style, but this turned out great.

The left was an art trade with Local-Shop. She's really an daring artist and she even did a pic of Claire and the dorky human character in this as well. Watch out, contains titties. XD
The Right one was made by Uini, was another commission gift from a friend. Great style here, looks cute. Thanks to you all.

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