Thursday, December 17, 2009

Planet Claire

So Planet Claire's story is basically this song:
Download Unknown - Planet Claire

The idea started mostly by wanting to make a sexy alien chick who was as dumb as a brick. But still you ask, how can you make an interesting idea out of just the one song?...Well I'll tell you.

At 1st I was going to use the name as a clothing brand. Make weird ass alien cloths for girls and stuff. All cliche and some of it obscene. Had an idea for a t-shirt where there were two buttons right on the nipples with the words "Turn off" and "turn on" on the different buttons. The idea of the clothing line is still possible but I think if I wanted to main stream the idea, I'd focus more on making futuristic looking cloths like you see people in the 50's .

The TV show idea however started as a movie. As in the song, Claire comes from her Planet named Claire where everyone's name is Claire, and they all look the same. The planet has pink air, the trees are red, noone ever dies, and noone has a head. Basically noone needs a head, but there are no men there. Just pretty ladies. So Claires go across the universe searching for men to use as slaves. They seduce the men of the planet and then cut off their heads. The Claires only need heads because they need to talk, and men seem to like women who have heads.

Planet Claire is about this alien who comes to Earth to fulfill the mission all by herself; decapitate all the men of the planet and prepare them to be taken back by the mothership. She however is discovered by a nerdy boy who wants to keep her for himself, all the while he tries to keep her out of trouble. He learns of her plans and tries to get her to change her but all she wants to do is have sex and flirt. However she falls in love with the boy because he's giving her affection outside of typical lusting that she's used it. By the end of the movie the mothership has arrived and they shun Claire for not preparing the planet like they had assigned her to do.

The movie plot comes from seeing a cover to an anime called My Dear Marie.The anime, I've now learned, is completely different then from my 1st interpretations of just seeing the cover (but it's still about a nerdy guy who makes a learning robot for his perverted desires). Like most of these early highschool creations I us artistically influences by Invader Zim, I was trying to create a new cartoon that would replace the void that was left in my heart when the show was canceled. But I figure I never went much more into the idea because it's not a very creative idea.

There are a few problems with this show idea as it exists now. 1) It's named after a B-52 song. I need to afford the copyrights to use that song, let alone the name of it. 2) This show is RANCHY. The movie would be rated R for nudity and sexual themes. But as a Continuing series I figured the only way to really make this idea interesting is to REALLY go all out there with it. I want large throbbing cocks directly in front of the camera, titties and pussy in full detail, masturbation, drug use, spooning, needles in things that shouldn't be put into, beastiality, terrifying alien probings, and anything else nasty you can think of. When you come down to it the idea is a pretty standard anime plot, even with all the sex stuff. 3) And the character design for Claire is intentionally simple. She's not made to be thought of anything else but a Sex Symbol from Space. I dought the B-52's want their song associated with hyper ultra sex (Superjail couldn't afford Love Shack for 30 seconds). 4) I don't know of ANY place in the world that I could find willing to produce a Hyper Ultra Sex cartoon and want to pay me for it and get top notch quality.

BUT regardless of the conflicts I face, this is one idea that I've needed to expand upon. I've talked about her, and I have so many little pictures about her as well. She was due for an update. There are two characters that were not in the original concept of the show that I thought to add in. Stoner and Pot Head is a parody of Beavis and Butt-Head...You're reading that line and rolling your eyes, I know. At some point in my life I thought I could do something with them and they'd be able to hold their own. BUT they're not terrible characters or designs. So I figure I'd add them to THIS show to give them a new purpose.

So here is how the show plays now: Claire arrives to Earth and moves into a near-by college Frat. She immediately goes after the jockey boys and moves into the fraternity. Our Nerd hero and the two stoner kids question the motives of the creepy new girl, but only the nerd sees that she is alien. They find out what she's doing to all the men in the college, but she won't cut off their heads. Instead she wants to learn from them, by performing crazy experiments on their body and minds. She's sexually smart like Dr. Ruth, and so she teaches the nerd about getting the right girl, while he gives her human secrets. When the Mothership arrives to Earth, they take Claire away from the Nerd and replace her with different types of Claires, fat ones, child ones, Lesbian ones. The original Claire finds that she can't work the same without her Nerd, but the lead Claire just dismantles her for her noncooperation. The Nerd confronts the Mothership but gets decapitated in the process and turned into the lead Claire's slave. His friends (and human Girlfriend) try to save him but they get lost as the mothership travels through space.

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SpaceAgeAnorak said...

Oh your God; This is bloody amazing! This would be so great! I'm picturing Invader Zim meets B-52's plus Rocky Horror esque sexuality in one brilliant Space Age montage, where people occupy their time watching "Shindig!" on JVC videospheres! Anyhow, I'm off to prep my Plymouth Satellite for departue!

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