Monday, September 17, 2007


I think I should just get in the habit of updating even though I don't have any art to show. What I do have is some web designing work. What I'm currently working on is a website for a magazine called Your Wedding Day.
The site hasn't officially opened yet if you were to browse through the page the articles with words are the stuff that I've been working on. Sadly though my lack of knowledge in web design and other web based mediums minimizes the outlook of the whole site. I've only been able to use simple HTML stuff to format the pictures. The site itself is created through Joomla, which they might have just sold me on getting it to make my own website and once again minimizing the need for blogs and other group accounts making them dead and obsolete, but I do need a personal website that professionally displays my artwork.

Until I know the best way to run Joomla and tack advantage of it's software I'm just talking about my work through nice little blogs. I am stalling a bit because I'm working on a huge blog post about Rokko and his life. Several people (meaning only one) have asked for a full story about Rokko's story, both in his world and the real world. It's mostly a big collection of story ideas and key points in plot. It's taking so long because I have other things I need to be working on such as school and work, plus there is a picture that needs some final touches done to it that I wanted to release on DA as well as blog simultaneously. This is something I intend to do with all my characters and shows, plus releasing pictures that I don't intend to finish and/or only some people have seen before.

One last thing, I've seen nudity on blogs but is there no allowing of porn? I guess I'll have to read into that better. Not like I'll be showing pictures of myself nude but just things I've draw. I would post anything too detailed. I like people reading what I'm thinking too, along with showing off my art. Having a website just for business alone doesn't show what type of person you are, letting your mind wander a little bit makes you look human instead of writing on a website.

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