Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Row-ko the Gay Ninja and The Cute Wonder

God you know you've been watchign too much anime when you can't even pronouce american names right anymore. My sister looked at the name Rokko and said Row-ko, which is much like Ryoko or some Naruto character she likes. Well anyway this started a gag worth sharing.

I was thinking that Rokko wanted to be apart of those Bishie boys in anime that he notices Dot seems to like. So in an effort to be cool with his kids, Rokko dawns this get up but Dot gets annoyed really fast until Rokko desides to spook Ginger with it. Turns out it really does spook her and she hits him with a pan. Dot laughs, so Rokko kinda runs with it. Then Dot desides to play along with the idea and becomes his partner as they go aroudn twon being superhero ninjas so just some cute silly stuff. Luckly for Rokko his son's weren't around to take pictures to spread on the internet.

The Suit comes from a creepy image that I got from a manga book that I found at a thrift store. I don't have any idea what the thing he's advertising but it's looks really silly. His suit is gray but Row-ko's suit is banana yellow with blue stripes.

Enjoy the creepy preview.

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