Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Buisness Cards and Stickers

It's been a while hasn't it. Blogger has made some big changes without me, and it certainly needs some work fixing up it's image inserting methods. Had some trouble figuring it out, and had to make edits in the HTML section before it got to look the way that I wanted to.
Well Good news either way. make up some new business cards AND sticky labels. I used a company called MOO.com and the quality and presentation is so unique. It's a bit to expensive for convenience but it makes your business cards look like real art pieces rather then just a piece of paper with your name on it.I used Moo to get their sample cards and buy some stickers, which are still available if you want to get some Eddie Eel stickers.

Here below you can see the new pieces of art I made for the back of the cards with new lineart for some of the older designs. The only NEW character is the cactus guy, who I would like to try and draw a whole new set of fun little cactus men like him. Sadly the monster contest with the Cyclops girl didn't turn out well, but people love her so much I put the design to good use. She's the only girl on the cards.

Also I was able to make some sticky labels, that I will sell for 1$ also if you're interested. The difference between the labels and the cards is that I have Ozzie instead of Demion and I have my logo and email on them.

So to finish up, letting you know that I won't be syncing my blog with my Google+ profile yet, but there's no real good way of hiding my different profiles any more.  My Google accounts are the more professional accounts, and I won't be doing the same things I do on my DeviantArt Account and my Tumblr account. It's just all original here, with some highlights of my fanart.

Also thank you to the people who have google image searched my stuff. Thank you for stopping by, I hope I have done something that interests you in hiring me. Don't be afraid to leave a comment with Questions.

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