Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love for the Eel

Ah I was at DisneyLand this weekend and saw the Electrical Parade at California Adventure and Eddie had to make his comments about it (to see the whole parade and more Mock Eddie Plushie clips look on my YouTube account)

Anyway, I'll have more of my art on a blog soon enough but for now check out MORE FANART from other wonderful people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all, really I do. I love seeing Ed in different styles. To see some more earlier drawings check out this Blog Post
This top one was done by a gal named Kelmar2593 (click image to see it on DA). Love the colors in it and looks like a lot of work went into it. This was a gift given out of the blue, the best kind of gifts.
The Human Eddie was done by an artist named Gara and it's a great little interpretation of him as a human (FYI: not the human version I see but I don't care it's still adorable). This was a gift requested by DMajorBoss, thanks a lot to the two of you.

These two were done by a gal named RougeStar and I paid her to draw him. She liked him so much she drew more then I asked for. She sent me some drawings that aren't featured here that are equally wonderful, and I'll get around to scanning one day cause I love digital copies as well as traditional. Thanks a lot.

Left one was done by my pal SpookyBurrito. Often he's a reasonable voice to my insane ideas and I trust I get an honest opinion about my ideas without running into fanboy yes men, or negative ninnies.
Right image done by a cool guy Lapin Beau, who drew this nice Eddie pic for me. He's got a nice clean style, and while he wants to be more cartoony, I wouldn't suggest him to get rid of his great anatomy. Thanks a lot for this pic.

Doctor Bollocks
is a fan of Ed who totally gets where I'm going with this guy. Just about every idea I've run by him he loves and understands where I got it. He drew this Eddie for me with the tag of the great Charles Nelson Reilly ~ "Now that I'm on TV who do I have to fuck to get off?
Ihhog is just a good guy who likes to draw little badges for people all over DA and I thank him for this cute little doodle of Ed in his style. Thanks a lot man.

The left image came from a secret santa art trade thing I did on DA and Runde did a great job with tradtional medium and even added Shark in the mix. Very cute holiday pic and I'm glad it was done. Thanks.
The Right is a another gift request from DMajorBoss, drawn by The Galen. It looks so stylized I love it. Ed doesn't have his long neck or tooth but who cares right? It's just enough to get such lovely art from so many people. Thank you all again.

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DMajorBoss said...

Gifts can be so nice to get, that's for sure. I'm glad that you enjoy so much that has been offered.

Heh, it's said that it's better to give than to receive. While I believe in this, I think the person making this quote was probably hoping to get something in return; it does feel good to be on the receiving in of giving every once in a while.


Anyway, props on all of the fan art, and the parade looks quite nice on film; I'll have to see it up close sometime.

Thanks for the update.