Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last of the Hippie BS

So here are the last three for the school project I have to do. The best part is that I can name these files "Hippie BS" because she won't see the names of the files. The project is to set a goal for your 6 elements of Health. The teacher, being the pro-active bimbo she is, asked me what I liked to do, thus making this project more personal to me. I said drawing and that gives her the assumption that I'm gonna ad pictures to my project. If I DIDN'T add pictures to the project, I don't think I'd get an A.

The teacher is a huge soap-boxer and often played a guilt trip when it came to the Psychical health section. While she had you learn how to take your resting heart and stuff important to a good exercise routine, she was so spontaneous and random that you really didn't know what to expect by the end of the class and I'm sure some people ate up her words like a low fat yogurt. I mean this was a woman who calls Pizza evil, and eating it is KILLING your body. There was no forgiving of any kind when it came to occasionally snacking on junk or eating one hamburger at can't quit food cold turkey lady. After a month of staying food healthy, I'm ready for the class to be over and I've reverted back to old ways.

Now I just don't give a shit about what SHE thinks and I'm gonna do what I feel is best to my health they way I need to. I don't want to be a junk food slob, or eat fast food five days a week, I've gone beyond the point of finding that type of diet appetizing anymore. But I don't need her HIPPIE BS. By the end of the semester now that things are rapping up she's getting into a better state of mind.

One thing I would've LOVED to get out of this class, other then the clich├ęd "eat healthy and exercise" babble health people love to spew, are more tips about being Socially and Spiritually healthy. I get environmental and mental health, two things that aren't hard to do, but what I'm really lacking in is social health. I'm not good at meeting new people, or being friendly to just anyone. I'm always conflicted with a fear of non-acceptance when it comes to meeting people in person, and being able to communicate basic things like my name to fellow classmates is hard for me.

So in the end I don't feel like I learned anything that I couldn't find on-line or I didn't already know. Got to take the class to graduate though...only reason I stuck to it. guess in the end I can say I came out stronger.

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