Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eddie and Shark Plushy Comedy Show 3

Here is another silly and pointless Eddie Eel and Shark Plushy show skit. They're getting longer as I get more and more editing technology. I added in my own artwork this time, and I edited a sample of music for the middle part. Hopefully the video is funny enough and entertaining you can get over the bugs. Learning is fun, forgive me for my novice mistakes.

My opinions about Gaga and Twilight aren't the same as Eddie's, but we are of the same mind XD.

Song Credits belong to as such:
Baroque Hoedown- Jean-Jacques Perrey
Toytown Carousel - Electric Bazaar
Bad Romance -Lady Gaga
Relaxation - Jean-Jacques Perrey
Scissor Sisters - Night Work (edited by me, not for profit)
Brother Sport - Animal Collective
Buena's Password - Pokemon Soul Silver.

The two Ghost Pokemon, Driftloom and Rotom at the end said a password. I don't know what that password is for or when it'll come in handy but next time you see them around DA or FA, remember that password and you might get something good...yet I don't know what it'll be...really I don't know I just thought it was cute to use them XD.

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