Monday, March 1, 2010

Eddie Eel's Extra Characters

Ah I've been away for a while now, but I have new stuff to show you. Totally worth it eh?

So here is mostly a collection of reoccurring characters and staff members on Eddie's show.

The two buff guys on the top left are the Camera Men of the show. Been calling them the Twin Trouts, ones usually nice and approachable, the other is grumpy and rarely talks. The intent is that they don't need to be recognizably different, and they're fairly generic looking so they don't need to get difficult to animate.
They're pretty supportive on the show but only there to work the cameras. There is a minor ep idea where the Grumpy Twin has difficulty expressing his mood and snaps at people for trying to be nice to him. So Ed gives him Mood buttons, when he's upset and grouchy he puts on the Emo button so that people leave him alone, or if he's in a good mood he puts on the happy button and people will know it's ok to talk to him and give him compliments. This concept works best with some people as we all have a time when we just want to be left alone and other people don't need to be yelled at or think he hates them (certainly the young kids who just want to say hi). This idea doesn't work for everyone as Jen can be bi-polar at times.

Noel is a French Boar Fish who is a fashion expert and costume designer on the show. There is a full length Ep in which we find out she's the daughter of a famous designer and Ed and the gang go off to France to give her support (more about that later). Noel and Ed were introduced by Jen and Shark, in an attempt to have Noel rip Ed's crazy fashion sense a new one. In the end it turned out that Ed could speak French and had a very keen since about high fashion. They became good friends and Ed only has her around cause he likes her (even though he can make his own cloths). She might be a lesbian, which is a point that won't ever be brought up in the show but would explain why there isn't a chance she and Ed will hook up.

Goldie Garibaldi is the show's sales rep. She might be the only staff character outside the Camera Fish who shows up more then once. She's in charge of finding sponsors and making deals between performers and advertisers to help fund the show. While she comes off as annoying, she gets the job done and outside of Jenny is the main backbone to keeping the show afloat. Jen is charge of making sure the people show up and do their part, Goldie makes the calls and gets the money. Ed is the show's main creative director as well as being the star, and Shark adds his two cents when no one else can. Goldie does her best to find sponsors who Ed will like, such as charities and programs that help children, but Ed still has to get advertisers that are full of fatty meats or sugars. Ed will accept these ads with delightful protest; "Chocolate Marsh Puffs...MMMMM, sticks to your heart!"

Pepito is the show's lighting and tech guy. He is a real electric eel, and comes from Brazil, so he doesn't speak English very well. Eddie one day asked him how he can become an electric eel just like Pepito. So out of frustration Pepito tells Ed to take two wires, like so, and bite hard on them. So Ed does it one day and kills half the's ok it's just a cartoon. Jen does get pissed though.

The VP is a Sea Otter who is the Vice President of the network. The president is a real mean and nasty shark, but I have a feeling the the Presidents get replaced a lot (cause they get eaten) so the otter here doesn't ever want to be the President, out of fear of getting eaten himself. He's not really a treat to the show but provides a bunch of bureaucratic BS.

Kyle is the show's obsessive fanboy. He sits behind Jenny during the shows production and breaths heavily. They talk about Kyle as a way of punishing someone, cause most of the staff feel that if there is anyone who'll go on a crazy rampange and gun everyone down, it'll be him. But it's most likely Kyle would save everyone when times turn their worst. Kyle is ment to be anyone in real life, and his design can change to match someone who works on the show, but for now he's just a greasy fat guy.

The kids here are pretty generic, I wasn't going for any that look final, but gives you an idea of how fish look in the show.

The shark at the top is Shark's brother Donny. He's ment to be a Vin Diesel/The Rock type of actor. Doing things that are manly and embarrassing at the same time. Both he and Shark still live with their mother but when Donny stops by with a sexy new girlfriend, he usually makes fun of Shark for still living with "Ma". Up until getting a show with Eddie, Shark usually fallowed in his borther's shadow, almost literally, cause their mother wanted Donny to give Shark work, so Donny had Shark be his towel boy. Jen met Shark because she was trying to hook up with Donny, but Shark saved her from being dumped hard (as Donny usually doesn't like to keep week old arm candy). The two of them support each other when times are hard or Don gets a bad movie review, but otherwise they fight like cats and dogs.

I have some plot ideas with Donny involved, and I'll go into them later. Tell me what you think of these guys now?

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