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Demion: The Anti-Christ

Ah so to celebrate the birth of Christ, I give you the Anti-Christ

Demion was made out of a few highschool steamed emotions and influences. Everyone in Highschool should have been introduced to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and I was made fully aware of the comics because of Jhonen V's cartoon that just premiered in 2001, Invader Zim. While the show was short lived I was able to understand the direction of his meanings and reasoning for creating such an evil and sick comic series: He wanted to do it, he's got a wicked scene of humor, and if an artist doesn't draw out the terrible feelings they have inside, it's a good chance that the artist would act out those feelings on real people, and that would be worse then the act of drawing a fiction character doing it.

I've never really come out about this but it was the 1st time I developed a crush on real human being. While my friends oogled over Justin Timberlake and all the teen heartthrobs, I'm geeking out with the nerd boys about Sonic and Pokemon or other things. I really wanted to get my friends into the things I liked but I could never connect with them over the things I enjoyed, thus I ended up the fat nerdy one out of the loop (really not sure why I stuck with those friends as long as I did because they weren't really great friends...more like people that I thought I could relate with). This boy however was one of those guys who could take you down the path of evil with him if you let him, I'm sure I'd be in a ditch now if I tried to go out with him. He was a senior when I was a sophomore, and we sat together in math class (probably because his name was the male version of my name, meaning it was a cruel joke the teacher wanted to pull). I was behind in math, and so was he by 2 years, plus he comes to me one day asking if he smelled like pot. I just replied saying that I smelled something funny, to which he explained that he tried to mask it with some pineapple perfume. He introduced me to Gear, Doug Tennapel's comic, and I talked to him about JtHM, and it was a nice little thing I developed. Then one day he didn't show up, think he had been expelled or something and I didn't see him until he showed up briefly one day and just gave me a 'wut-up' head bob, with a wink...I was stalking him that day to. Haven't seen him since and he's still cute in my memories.

Demion's true origin came from a free form sketch I did when listening to a Russian Orchestral piece of classical music on the radio. I got out a piece of paper and started drawing characters based on the mood this music was giving me. The characters came out as vampire lovers (Demion was bald in my head) but when the music was over I worked with the character designs more. Music has ALWAYS inspired me but something really pushed my mind in the right direction that night. Once I get a good character design going I can created their origin. Demion was given a kilt, because the 1st sketch of him had a weird pant idea and weeks prior a kid at school started wearing kilts. Maid was and still is an odd character. I've never really drawn much of her since but I'll go over her story soon enough. What she is though is a Zombie Maid with robotic parts. All that's left of her is her chest and head, the rest of her is put together with odd robotic parts Demion put on her to give her mobility.

Demion's story goes likes this: His mother is a half white and half Navajo woman living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father was obviously the devil who suduced his mother while she was on a boat cruise. Demion was a back up Anti-Christ in case the true Anti-Christ were to fail. While doing research on the Book of Revelations I discovered that all books say something different every time I read it, but from what I gathered Demion is the false Prophet, preaching lies and speaking ill of God, while Nero, Demion's half brother, is the lion headed beast with 7 horns. Demion's logic is that you must do the opposite of anything God says you should do. If God says drowning and raping babies are good then Demion would say it's a bad thing to do. If God says to throw stones at black people, then Demion says it's a NOT to throw stones. Demion also has the power to manipulate people's minds, to make them think they're doing good or to get them to do his evil doings. He can make police shoot someone out of fear and ignorance, or get someone to take drugs because he'll lie. Problem is that Demion doesn't know he's being evil, thus making it hard to blame him entirely. He's unaware about who he is (even if he looks pretty demonic) and can be filled with guilt and sorrow for the suffering of others.

Demion's mother had an interesting story when I 1st came up with her. She lost Demion because she got her long blond hair caught in a freezer and she couldn't pull her head out without ripping off her scalp. I've thrown that idea out in the garbage because it's kinda stupid. NOW she was put in a deep coma and because Demion wasn't able to be taken care up and noone could get contact of the girl's parents, he was given to a Church Orphanage. He was studied by the doctors and was humiliated with then tacking pictures of him as they saw his black markings spread across his body as he grew. The couldn't explain why the boy was growing into a mutant, but these features stopped when he turned 6. When he was 6 he ran away. He was picked up by a Mexican family who lived out in the boonies of New Mexico and was treated like a pet dog for a few years until he was rescued when the people tried to take him to the vet to get fixed. He was then given to a foster family. They had a son already, so Demion served as a brother.

Demion loved his new family, but couldn't stop himself from being mischievous. At 8 he started developing a sexual relationship with his step brother, getting his brother to do things that got the two of them in trouble. Demion would spy on his step mother while she was changing, and peek at girls changing. The troubling part about all of this is that Demion is doing it all out of childish curiosity. He would get upset when people assumed he was doing things on purpose or say he had bad blood. There is a good chance he'd still be as curious even if he wasn't the son of the devil, only difference would be that teachers wouldn't have their eyes stabbed out by crows or the school be flooded with shitting blood water when ever he got upset. Out of fear of being disowned by his family, Demion pressured his step brother to set the house on fire. Demion didn't intend to kill his family, as the two of them tried to wake up the parents, but as they all were escaping the roof collapsed on the family leaving Demion alone to weep and regret.

At age 11, Demion was soon passed on to a crazy religious woman who would beat Demion for just about anything. She was huge, fat, lazy and made Demion do all the work in the house. She made his go to church and would openly beat him for not singing or praying loud enough. Demion started puberty at 12 and was severely beaten for masturbating or even thinking about girls (heaven forbid he had interest in colored people or boys). While having fear struck deep into his heart, a small flame grew in his heart everyday and he protest in the best ways he could by being mean and freaky to the other kids at the catholic school. One night after having a wet dream, he was stuck with fear as he knew if he would get beaten for it. He tried to wash the stain out but the noise he made woke up the beast woman and she came in and started crushing his with her metal walking cane. When all seemed grim, dark forces rose from the depths of the earth and crushed the woman with their mighty grip. Demion was free, and he booked it back to Albuquerque to find his mother.

At 14 the boy was free from foster homes and now a street urchin. He found his mother in a coma at a hospital but couldn't find a way to keep her to himself. He stalked a woman who lived in a nice apartment in the boonies of town. He would beg her to help him everyday to the point where it drove her mad she ran through her second story window and killed herself on the fall. Demion sewed her back together and turned her into a Maid to take care of his mother, who he stole from the hospital. He stayed in the apartment and promised to behave and continue to go to school for his mother.
The series starts off with Demion in his Senior year in highschool, meeting a young girl named Rebecca Reaper. She is destined to be a Grim Reaper as she is somehow always lead to the death or rebirth of things around her. She becomes influenced by Demion's charm to free herself from her parents. Sad thing is that she had a pretty good life, spoiled and decent, but because of her her young school girl mind was easily manipulated by evil. She got herself put into an insane asylum only later to escape and join up with Demion in conquering the world.

Demion and Rebecca also met with Chris, who is the new Christ. He is just good. He fallows no religion, he passes no judgment even on Demion, and he has no hate. He has his faults as he usually is so neutral to the war of the end of the world that he'll let the demons take control before he decides to do anything about it. Plus he does get annoyed with people who are ignorant or expect him to do things he has no control over.

As Demion's senior year comes to an end he fails to graduate highschool as he feels that his teachers pass judgment on him before they even meet him and fail him because he won't amount to anything. His mother wakes up days into the summer as Demion is about ready to give up on himself. His mother is awake and there is much rejoicing and remembering between the two of them. Demion goes to get something from the store but quickly stopped to hear a huge crash from his house. He comes back inside to see his mother crushed under the refrigerator with only her head showing. She says her final words and dies.

I've thought well into Demion's future but that might be a whole other post as that part of the story fallows some pretty crazy end of the world stuff. Chris and Rebecca only have small parts in his senior year and Rebecca doesn't kill her parents until her senior year. The three of them team up with a Drag Queen named Sophie who's fallowing along as Demion's girlfriend (who is based off a drag queen I saw on a day time TV show who was both cute as a woman and a man). The three of them find out their fate and decide to stop Nero from destroying the world and becoming the next Satan. Demion also goes to heaven to see his mother and has kids as well.

Demion I feel could not become a TV show. I feel that I couldn't really demonstrate the character the same way with movement the same way I could in Comic Book form. He wasn't made to have a TV show so I don't feel like I could make him work the same way in any other medium then illustrated. His popularity for me was during my highschool years. I did all sorts of art and comics with him. I really want to work with him as a comic character but sadly I think he's too much like existing characters out there already.Now Demion to me is someone who comes up in my mind when I feel my worst. Every character represents some sort of feeling inside of me and Demion is usually me reverting back to my highschool angst mode. Plus now that I've developed so many more other characters I can see that he really is the EVIL of them all. He's ignorant, stubborn, spoiled, and manipulative. By comparison to the good characters I have he's really the worst just for the fact that he can twist your mind into thinking doing bad things are good. Still he is one sexy lust demon, and I love him to the end. I make my bad side look good.

This collection of Demion art isn't even the half of it. I tried to put as many as I could in here, but I think I covered the basics of the character for now.PLEASE PLESAE PLEASE, request more of this character if you're interested. If you want to hear more of the second half of his life I'll write that too. Thanks for reading this crazy long story.

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