Tuesday, August 18, 2009


New character Idea. Eddie Eel. Lets start with the Spongebob Picture that inspired me the idea.

So I was just playing around with some alternate outfits for Spongebob when I had a vision of him in this Orange suit here. Thought it'd make a funny ep just for the two of them to host a kids show like the old live action Saturday morning shows from the 70's (Like Captain Kangaroo, Uncle Croc's Block, or PeeWee Herman if Spongebob himslef wasn't based off PeeWee allready) . As my mind started to work around this idea I started to wonder why would they get to host a show and then I started to think that it could be a show of a TV program they watch. Eddie Eel came to mind NO problem, like it was already there. Shark was supposed to be a fat spongebob styled Fish in an outfit, so he looked pretty generic in my mind but his voice set him apart because it sounded so normal and calm (Thinking now a high pitched Seth Rogen, not much higher cause his voice is too low but his voice on it's own would work for him too). Anyway the more I acted out Eddie's conversation with Sponge (while he was ordering a Krabby Patty) Shark sees that they're almost like twins in Energy, the kid should get his own show. Eddie gets an idea and jams his head into sponges and in a whirl (like a circle) the two of them change cloths and Ed says Sponge should host a show and He cook patties for today, just to have fun. Shark just lets Ed do what he wants and give Pat his outfit and they convince the staff on the show that they are the originals. IN the end, Sponge did an ok job hosting the show but people started to catch on that he's not really Ed and in the nick of time Ed comes back to end the show right. He thanks Sponge for letting him cook patties even though he was terrible at it (almost got sponge fired but paid Krabs a load to save Sponges job) but it didn't matter because he had a great time doing it. That's Ed's motto "It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at what you do, as long as you had fun doing it."

So I spent about a day working on different character designs. Just gonna say that I showed to my sister and her friend and they liked the antenna idea (not the hair, but only slightly), they liked the 1st drawing (on the top left) and the full body pose. I'm really happy I have this page because it shows the though process and it's just awesome I experimented with different looks.

The pose page I think I got down how I want him to look but I notice that when I try to draw him strait up and down, his design fails (in any style). But there are some great poses here that work well. He would be a loud green color.

Shark is pretty simple. Where ed is complex Shark should be easy to draw for anyone. I need to give him cloths but I've settled on the designs at the bottom. Making him cute will make his naggy whiny times seem more bearable. He's not a scardy cat because usually Ed's fixes the problems he starts in the end, but he does get embarrassed to be around him in public at times. He would be a blue gray but I need to look at other sharks to pic which species he should be.

Jenny Nix I had to do some research on. She's the shows producer/publicist. She's always on stage and Ed cuts to her to get her opinion which she usually just gives him a blank stare back or a grimace face of protest and anger. Jenny is a Nixie, which is like a mermaid but an evil water spirit. They can change shape and form to drag people into the waters. Jenny is named after Jenny Greenteeth, which is an English Nixie famous in folklore. She's got an otter nose and sharp teeth, but I'm still not sure which style I want to go with her but her design can change to an otter if I need it to. She would be a Deep teal or with some peach highlights.

Gulper (codenamed but i might keep that), is a Gulper eel from the deep ocean depths. He wants Ed's show and add the deep sea touch to it. Not much else I've thought about his purpose other then to be like Oogie Boogie. Creepy, mean, loud, and golly. He'd have his own side kicks, a crazy fish with a big nose and a Kappa (a Japanese turtle demon that drowns people too) for his publicist.

PLEASE give reviews. Thanks. I'll have more to show later.


Mattieshoe said...

It's always interesting where the greatest ideas come from.

So few great cartoon characters are just "created" out of thin air, which is what studios expect to happen every time a "cartoony" show is produced.

The most natural way for a good idea to evolve is the way yours did, you findsomething that makes a certan point or makes you feel a certan way, and you evolve it based on that, not some book on how to "write" characters into existence.

and, as always, great and cartoony drawings, Annie. you really should send your portfolio around, or join John K's cartoon collage. the industry needs more actual artists entertaining.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

thanks alot!:D
I really need the constructive critique...

I really like the sketch sheet you got there with the eal!
Nice flow!

- Thomas