Thursday, March 26, 2009

MAG and Rokko Update

Hay there. Long time no post but i got some things you can look at now.

Here is another unfinished Morals Are Good comic and I REALLY want to finish this but I'm terribly busy. Based off a true story...not really but troll did inspire me to write it.

Anyway I know some people have been wanted to see the progress of the Rokko bug pic. Below is the newest version of this pic but I updated the original blog post so check out this link to see how it's all come together >


Chris said...

That Slug's gonna be interesting to look at in the end I bet.

Anonymous said...

(it's Brainsister, here)

Ohhhhh, man, I so hope you're selling prints of this thing when you finish it, I want one! Super-busy, where's-Waldo-type designs like this are a weakness of mine, and this one stretches your bug-drawing abilities to their limits. XD Not to mention, something really cool about watching Rokko's total buggy madness writhe all around him.