Monday, September 10, 2007

Lumpys, Bumpys, and Grumpys

I've had g-mail account for a while but I didn't know it was that easy to own a blog. Sad thing though is that I have live journal that I've just about given up on and that nobody reads either...mainly because nobody read it and/or I didn't make new posts to it. Oh well...I don't know how long this will last either.

Featured in this blog is a new Morals Are Good preview comic that relates to a bit of a serious issue that I have going on that I need to have a doctor deal with. I'm not going to go into much more detail but it involves something similar to the comic. Like Chimby I will loose an Arm and a Leg, I'm sure of it. I'm just worried I won't do anythign stupid or that I'll scare them with my bizzarre lifestyle...or they might think I'm a saint...that'd be weird. Anyway there is nothing more erotic then a cold unfeeling doctor poking around your body with a gloved hand being completely biased and professional about the procedure. Oh yeah that's a real tunr on for me...Hmm this is my 1st blog...I guess I should hold back on the sarcasim untill I've earned your trust.

I've just been down a while but I think I just need some good loving. I got my three guys though. Smexy Goodness. The internet is a good place to hide and express opinions without real judgement. So be Nice... I need sleep now. Look at some new art.

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Melissa said...

I look forward to really reading this blog. By the way there is this website called and you can get a free account there and upload your story, they even allow you to do nude drawings on there too. I myself have animaniacs fan fiction posted on there.