Monday, October 12, 2015

RedBubble Store GROWS

I have plenty of new designs for sale over in my RedBubble store. 

During the month of October we celebrate a thing called INKtober. Where you do your best to draw everyday a drawing with paper and ink. 

I have a huge collection of Birds. From tall, to extra feathery, to small and round. 
Find prints of the Crazy Birds here on RedBubble! 

I've been drawing this Bat for a while now. Finally working on the best design of him where he's a force to be reckoned with. I never found anything too scary about Fangs and Wings, they're just cool things to have. Accessories of necessity. 

And I have MORE designs. Fanart of characters I like and designs I'm selling.

             Black and Yellow                                    Mi Torta!
          Pacman and his friend Mr Game                                  Amethyst from the show Steven
            and they both appear together                                   Universe has a terrible (not so terrible)
             in Super Smash Bros 4 for                                        experience when her favorite meal
             the WiiU and 3DS. They both                                   is blasted into slime and she calls out
              love the simpler things like                                        "NOOOO! Mi TORTAAAAAH!"
                    chasing after dots!

Please check out all the other designs available in my Store and be aware you can get them on NEARLY EVERYTHING imaginable. Prints, mugs, t-shirts, pants, stickers...and some in any color.