Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stuff I sell

I spend a lot of time making stuff to sell at events. I've had buttons produced from and when I get enough money I'd like to make use of some of their charms. I get postcards made by and their quality has always been nice.

In bad news, Pateron isn't working out that well. Something about their software won't allow me to make charged posts, and I've addressed this to them and they haven't fixed it. I'll update that when I know.

One day I would really love to figure out how to get my shirts sold or get people to use my shops. People have suggested Etzy but with Society 6 it doesn't cost me to post my art for em. At the same time I don't make a decent enough profit off the expensive price... HOWEVER It's a really nice site with some great artists on it.

So LOOK AT THE Society 6 gallery for my art featured on products.  Look at the things you can get.
You'll be able to see products like my Ghost Tongues there. Ghost Tongues is also on my Inkster gallery, and if you're not happy with Society 6, please look at Inkster too. I'll have Red Bubble fixed up too to sell more things eventually.