Friday, February 10, 2012

Cute Monster Contest Entries on Devianart- Voteing Ends March 6th; Click images to go to voteing page

I'm in the DA cute monster contest with these two entries and I would love anyone who would whore these things around their blogs and social networking sites. If you can't vote on DA because you're not a member, then become a member! OR still just show these around to your friends.

SOME info about these designs:
When I did a large sketch dump of different monsters to draw up and submit for this contest, MOST people asked for this girl. I was going to have a whole line up of cute monster girls but I had to work with only the 7 colors, so it was more simple just to do the one. I guess she's scared that she's seeing PEOPLE look at her, "OMG you have two eyes! How can you see with that?"

The cute little Kappa monsters are Japanese Frog/Turtle sea folk, who are known to lurk at the edge of the waters, trying to kidnap children who get to close and fall in. If you carry a cucumber with you, they'll eat that instead. They also need to keep the tops of their heads wet so they can't ever really leave the waters. Here are two being helpful friends.

Thanks yall!