Monday, June 14, 2010

Eddie Eel and Shark Plushy Comedy Show 2

Here is another silly fun episode of Eddie Eel and his pal Shark talking about silly things they can think about at the moment. I would like some of you who like my artwork and my style to think about commissioning me to draw stuff for you. You can go to THIS LINK HERE and look at the prices for a commission.

Thanks so much for just viewing my work.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eddie and Nessie: A History

Nessie is Eddie's girlfriend. Yes it's true, the flamboyant, rainbow loving, high pitch voiced man lover has a girlfriend. It was as much of a surprise to him as it might be to you.

Eddie was raised by humans in a science lab. The scientists of a special research lab performed tests on Eddie that allowed him to gain mass knowledge of science. Because of this Ed doesn't remember much of his life in that time except that the females there were mean and would bite him, and the food the scientists fed him was made of fish so he stopped eating fish cause they were his friends. When an animal rights group came to shut down the lab, they were going to just kill all the fish (no fur? Tough luck). One of the assistants who had trained Ed do eat carrots instead of fish parts, picked up Ed and tossed him into the ocean, in hopes he'd make it on his own.

Ed did make it very well. It took a while for other fish to trust him, and started getting work at a gay bar and hang out with other boys. But his need to be a humanitarian lead him to meet Nessie at a non-profit organization made to help better life of the reef folks. Eddie worked in the gay bar until the day his boyfriend beat him up, and Nessie saved him. All of Ed's other guy friends blamed Ed for his boyfriend going to jail, so Ed ditched that job and lived with Nessie for a bit. The two of them worked for the non-profit organization to stop people like Gulper building and tearing out reefs and nature preserves. During this time Ed gets his cave home and moves in there, but Nessie stays at her house cause it's closer to where she works.

Not long after all that the two of them decide to start a little kids show on the public access channel. The more they worked together the more Ed liked Nessie every day. He wasn't sure what feelings he was having for her, but he knew there there wasn't any other woman he ever wanted to be with. Nessie liked him back, but if they were going to pitch their show to a large network, they couldn't start a family together. Only a few weeks after this announcement, a fisherman bombs the reef and takes out the whole west side of the town, as well as the public access station, the gay bar Ed used to work at, the Non-Profit, and Nessie's house. Nessie went missing after that.

3 years after that Ed pitches the show to a local network in honor of Nessie. The show we see starts 2 years after that (5 years after the explosion). I do have a future for Nessie MUCH later in the shows development, but that could be a story for another day...*spoiler*she does come back.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shut Up Hill _EE Plot Idea

Starts out with close up of Eddie being upset that they're late for a show they're called to do in a town far away. They drive by a sigh that reads "Welcome to Silent Hill?"
Ed: Is this right?
Jen: Yeah I bet they won't shut up about this.
Shark: Huh, this seems familiar...
Ed: Oh wait there's the amusement park. We're in the right place.
We're not told WHAT he's late for but through their actions we learn it's a kids show at an amusement park. They walk around looking for people, yelling out to get someone's attention. They 1st think the park is closed cause no one is around, but before they leave, the rides start to turn on, so they enter. Shark walks by a crowbar and picks it up (while a screen flashes that he got a crowbar for a brief moment). They find a stage and Ed sees that they're in the right place cause his name is on a list of performers. Jen goes to look for a park manager to talk about lighting and sound, and find a booth with an old woman in it. She talks to the woman, who just says that they should leave this place and starts to melt.
Jen: The lady just melted on me.
Ed: Oh she must be made of wax. It is getting hotter here. Oh look there is someone *wavs* HI there!
A large scary man wearing a Helmet in the fog shoots out of chain that grabs around Ed's neck and pulls him away (Ed doesn't seem too upset over the experience, just perplexed) . Jen and Shark freak out for a moment and Jen gets angry. She turns to the booth with the melted lady and starts banging on it. They go to the door and they see a lock on it.
Jen: Give me the crowbar Shark
Shark: You can't use this item here.
Jen...What do you mean I can't use this here. You use a crowbar for everything.
They fight over the crowbar for a moment and Jen uses it to smash open the lock. The door opens to revile a flight of stars leading down into the ground. Jen shakes her head with frustration and storms down stars. The camera switches to a door shot and it remains quite until you hear Jen's voice getting angrier from behind the door as she gets closer. She kicks open the door to see that they're in a hallway full of doors (she groans louder). She goes from door to door opening each of them to call out for Eddie. She opens one door where the ceiling is full of spikes starts to fall on her but only falls half way, Shark freaks out but Jen laughs.
Jen continues to walk through the hall opening each door calling out for Ed
Behind door: Empty
Jen: ED!?
Behind Door: Nurse about to stab Jenny
Jen: ED?!
Behind Door: Stock footage of a train growing near
Jen: ED??!!!
Behind Door: Eddie eating a salad, "What?"
Jen shuts the door without thinking and stops in mid walk realizing what she saw. She struggles to open the door but Shark tells her that that lock is broken. She screams in frustration but a roar of other monsters behind her scream louder. The monsters chase after Jen and Shark and they scream and run away.

Ed looks up from his meal and TV (playing static) and walks to the door to try to open it again. He tries the lock but it's broken, he knocks and calls out, and then looks through the peephole to look outside. He sees Jen and Shark running back and forth screaming. He draws back and blinks, then looks back through the peephole again. He sees the walls raining blood. He draws back and thinks about it again, and looks one more time. Then he sees a disco party outside, playing "It's raining Men!".
Ed: Oh now that's just silly.
He hears a loud crack coming from the bathroom, and he goes to investigate. A large hole has appeared in the wall of the bathroom so Ed goes through it.

Back to Jen and Shark, the two of them have run through the halls to the point of exhaustion. No sooner had they stopped then a beast comes up from behind Jen and chaises after Shark. Jen yells out "Excuse me I'm right here!" as if the monster hadn't even noticed her. Jen is left in the hallway alone and hears a few monsters from behind. She walks over and listens to their conversation.
Monster1: So Jeff says they're not going to sacrifice anyone this month.
Monster2: What?! Why? We've been doing it for years, like why just stop now?
Monster1: I know right? It's like after all these years why just stop. They think they're going to make it better for us now?
Monster2: I mean maybe they're thinking, if we stop now there is a chance things get better. As if that'll solve the crisis. It's more like...
Jen: Um, Excuse me?
Monster1: Uh?
Jen: Yeah I'm looking for a friend of mine. He was picked up by one of your guys, long neck, glasses, kinda fruity.
Monster1: *looks to his friend* You know anything about this?
Monster2: No sorry lady, we're only stationed here to catch the mortals that run by.
Monster1: Yeah I think you need to get a hold of Pryce if you want to find...wait...what's that? *points down the hall at Shark*
Monster2: Oh hay, there's that guy! Get him!
Monsters together: Rrrawrr, GRaraw, ooohhhrgbrainsmmarrrrawg!
Jen sees Shark down the hall get scared and run away again, but now Jen knows that the monsters don't go after her. She takes off to find Pryce.

Shark runs down a different hall again and gets to a door with a padlock on it. So he goes through the rest of the hall to find the key to open it. Shark goes from door to door trying to open them but they all have broken locks (Shark: I MUST be in Silent Hill, all the locks are broken). He gets to the last one and is let in. He sees a treasure chest covered in locks and chains of all sorts.
Shark: Ooohhh, I should've been a locksmith.

Ed falls out of the ceiling of the hole he climbed through. He looks around to see a monster come up from behind. He looks at it not sure what it's going to do, and when it spits on him Ed gets mad and slaps it. It cries and runs away. Ed "hmphs" and starts to walk away but is stalled by a larger monster that chaises him. Ed runs into a room with a large mirror on the opposite side of the wall. Ed looks as the mirror shows little slimy worms crawl across the floor and up to Ed's image in the mirror. They cover his whole body in the mirror and when they disappear they show Ed in very hideous men's cloths. Ed freaks and runs out of the room. He bumps into Shark and the two are happy to find each other. Ed shows that he has a key and Shark gets excited and runs into the room with the treasure chest. Shark unlocks the last lock and opens the chest to reveal a hair. Shark stares at the hair and screams with fury. He picks up the crowbar and runs to the padlock back on the door at the end of the hall and slams on it, but it won't open. Ed walks up to it and uses a bobby pin to pick it open.

With the new hall open, they sneak down it. Shark hears squeaky noises and they stop to listen. They walk father down again and they still hear the squeaky noises.
Shark: It's your boots Ed
Ed: My boots don't squeak. I wouldn't buy them if they squeaked...unless that's WHY I bought them.
Shark: Just take them off !
Ed: Blug, make me touch the dirty floor.
They walk down the hall and the squeaking is still occurring. We see that above them is the scary helmet man from the theme park, walking upside down on the ceiling. His stained rubber boots are making the squeaking.
Shark: Oh Jeeze Ed, your Thong is making the noise.
Ed: Tch, Shark I don't wear underwear
They both stop and look up to see the Helmet Man over them with his chain about to grab them. They run away down the hall, and into an elevator. The elevator moves without them pushing buttons and stops at the basement. They walk down a new hall to see a wall with a pattern with movable tiles. They look over the pattern and start to play around with them as a large monster crawls up from behind. Ed and Shark argue over which piece goes where, and the monster draws up close and gives them advice. The puzzle gets solved and the wall opens to show a path. Ed and Shark thank the monster and then ask if he still wanted to chaise them. He agrees and they frolic down the hallway with the monster in gay pursuit.
Ed: Trla-lala-lala. You can't catch us. Op, we're going through this door Haha!
Shark: We're getting away.
Monster: Tee-hee, tee-hee. I'll get you, Om nom nom. Tee-hee!
Helmet Man stops the monster through the hallway and gives him a silent stare and the monster gets sad and sulks through a crack in the wall.
Ed: Oh we're so vulnerable. All our health drinks are gone. Oh what ever shall we do?? Oh-ho! *Helmet Man wips Ed with the chain* OW!
Ed and Shark look back at Helmet Man and he blows them a kiss. They get sad and continue to run.

With Helmet Man wipping the chain running down the halls after them. Ed bites onto a pipe he sees on the ceiling and grabs shark and lifts them up to avoid being seen by Helmet. They jump from the pipe but a large hole appears below them and they fall to a dark room. A large glow appears by a wheelchair with someone in it.
Shark: This has to be the final boss.
Ed: What? Oh good, *walks up to the chair* excuse me, I'm Eddie Eel I was supposed to do an entertainment show.
The body in the chair turns around and it's Jenny: Oh There you are. Took for ever for you to get here.
Shark: You're controlling these monsters
Jenny: No,...Oh well yes. They listen to me but I don't know why they do the things they do. I sent Pryce out looking for you, didn't you run into him.
Shark: Pryce?
Jen: I'm not surprised he didn't catch you, couldn't see with that dumb helmet on.
Ed: Oh, yeah him...yea-yeah we saw him. But I mean don't they want me to perform and do my thing. I mean we're here and all we might as well.
Jen: No no, don't worry about it Ed. They gave me some long convoluted story about cults, ghosts and UFOs, and...n'I just don't understand it. Lets just go home.
Shark: No wait we can't leave, I haven't used all my items yet. I still have 4 out of 6 talismans, a candle, a photo of someone's mom, this *hold it up and stares with anger at it*...FFFFFHAIR!! These things gotta be good for something.
Jen: Just take them home. You can figure out what to do with them there.
Shark: NO I don't want to go all the way there and find out the last two items I needed where all the way back here.
Jen: Shark, *stamps her foot* we're leaving now!
Shark: *starts to cry and roll back on the ground* NOOOoo, I don't wanna go!
Jen: Don't do this here!
Ed: Ooooh someone's tired and hungry! *goes over to grab Shark*
Shark: Waahahaaaa! No NO NO NO! *pulls away as Jen grabs his other arm*
Ed: We'll go to McDonalds on the way back.
Ed and Jen pull Shark from the room kicking and screaming. Scene ends with a close shot on the wheel chair.