Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning To Manage Digital Drawing

This pic I worked pretty hard on with the lineart. Coloring lineart isn't always easy cause if you just paintbucket fill the outline you'll pick up stray pixles and it'll look messy. So I have to use the Brightness and Contrast took to make the lineart gray and then add color to it it with Hue and Saturation. Hue and Sat is my favorite tool. Saves so much time instead of repainting the color over again. With the Chibi pic I'm trying to get used to digital inking.

It seems once someone gets a Cintiq they become a complete digital artist. I stopped like using ink because here is the difference in quality between digital inking and traditional inking for me at the moment. The pens I get are bleeding out too and they're supposed to be good pens. Yet I'm still not happy with the inking process at all, both digitally and traditionally. Still both methods are nice in their own ways.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artwork of Eddie for 2010

Cause I should really get some new art up in here. Here is the 1st post of 2010.