Monday, October 27, 2014

My Love Letter to a Game I've Never Played: EARTHBOUND!

Don't know how many of you are familiar with Earthbound...or Mother 2 in Japan... But I recommend this game to everyone into video games.

When it was released in 1995 I wasn't familiar with it at all, and my only knowledge of it's exsistance was Ness being a playable fighter in Super Smash Brother for the Nintendo 64. When I finally looked into the game I was so amazed to see how quirky and nostalgic it was. Not in the nostalgic in that it's good because I saw it as a child, but in that it makes you remember instances playing it as if you were reliving them again. 

Earthbound is a turn based RPG (role playing game), where you can customize the characters names and even their favorite foods, where you go your world, finding pieces of a melody to defeat a horrible evil presence seeking to destroy everything you care about. Anyone who knows of the game will tell you, you gotta experience it for yourself. It might be one of the best video game experiences one could have on a personal level.  While it's graphics are cute, the game contains some dark undertones that give it a unique flair to an otherwise happy game. It'll strike many emotions out of you. I've not heard many people say the game was bad, but certainly play it when you need some time to reflect and get away from your own worldly problems. 

I have made some stickers and shirts of the two designs of Ness and Jeff here over at RedBubble. If you like them please go check them out. Certainly if you know a friend who's really into the game or anything like that. 

Attack of the Mad Duck                                    Spiteful Smash

SO where do I get my hands on such a game? Why on the Nintendo Wii U, through the Virtual Console. It's quite odd how I've mostly wanted to buy a Wii U just to support a game I never had a chance to play as a kid. For the mean while, I am spending my time just drawing up the characters while listening to the music. This game is the greatest movie ever told...and you should at least give it a look. Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stuff I sell

I spend a lot of time making stuff to sell at events. I've had buttons produced from and when I get enough money I'd like to make use of some of their charms. I get postcards made by and their quality has always been nice.

In bad news, Pateron isn't working out that well. Something about their software won't allow me to make charged posts, and I've addressed this to them and they haven't fixed it. I'll update that when I know.

One day I would really love to figure out how to get my shirts sold or get people to use my shops. People have suggested Etzy but with Society 6 it doesn't cost me to post my art for em. At the same time I don't make a decent enough profit off the expensive price... HOWEVER It's a really nice site with some great artists on it.

So LOOK AT THE Society 6 gallery for my art featured on products.  Look at the things you can get.
You'll be able to see products like my Ghost Tongues there. Ghost Tongues is also on my Inkster gallery, and if you're not happy with Society 6, please look at Inkster too. I'll have Red Bubble fixed up too to sell more things eventually.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Draw Grunder A LOT

SO I draw Grunder...I mean a lot. I've not given enough time here to really talk about stuff I've developed about him since I created him. It's easier to talk about his personality and his actions rather then where he came from. Be forwarded, he is a very offensive dude and if this bothers some people then feel free to stop reading at any point. If you're ok with it, then keep on reading.

Grunder is mostly pure rage, but the range of his expressions are from lazy to mischievous, and over all just grumpy. Grunder can’t feel sadness or joy or any feeling associated with innocence. He’s completely lost the memories of how to feel that way. The pleasure he feels is mostly through sexual means or just being a smarmy ass. You might be able to find moments where his past self shows up and starts to appear normal, but he returns to his usual personality before his brain hurts from once having a conscience.

Grunder is smart…and strong. If you actually find a way to trick him you better watch out. He might not be able to get his revenge the 1st time, but he is very aware of his surroundings, and his behavior is like that of a crow or a spider. Just wait long enough, and they will let their guard down. People have lost an eye when his fingers have plucked them out…they didn’t see it comeing.

Grunder doesn’t like to make empty threats. When he says he’s gonna do something he plans on doing it. Even if you can’t see him, he’s watching you and judging you with his eyes. Don’t spit, don’t litter, and certainly don’t loiter in his stairway. Only a few times he’ll do what Milly says, which he explains that it’s because she’s the owner of the hotel.
For the most part his hands are actual hands…The claws are not his finger nails, but his whole finger morphing into a sharp blade. Like bone stretching out and becoming solid and sharp. They make a great self defense against demons, but against mortals it’ll be like being cut by a splintered piece of wood. The real damage you feel is from him choking you with his vice grip crushing your heart. He'd managed to kill several elderly and fat people by crushing their heart, which doctors can only report as the victims dieing of a heart attack.

Grunder is a dirty asshole. Snot, piss, farts, cum, blood, if he can do it he'll wipe it on you. Yet because he's dead and doesn't have a body to physically produce those fluids, all you get are just the feelings and the smells of what he does to you. You'll feel a weird liquid hit you, but you won't be wet. Or you'll feel his tongue slide along your arm, but it'll just raise goose pimples. Some people reported that they smelt bad for a week after meeting him but could never figure out why.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have desires of his once living body. He remembers fondly needing to smoke or needing a drink, yet has lost the need to eat or the need to drink after being dead for so long. The feelings he has left are the ability to physically touch someone or something and being able to describe it. His sense of smell is still very acute and can smell death from a mile away. His vision is in question as he can see things that living humans can't see (Like a beating heart) while at the same time not being able to make out details of real world items. The images on a flat surface come out the clearest, such as being able to see what is on Milly's laptop, but not words on a t-shirt or a crumpled newspaper.  Everything he can describe about the hotel is based on memory alone.

 Grunder's few moments of kindness show up in odd ways, such as when he's in the presence of Asian women. But young girls need to be wary, he has no limitations for his attraction to a girl who wants him.  He also has an interest in spiders, and gets angry at those people who squish them.

His kindness to Milly shows up later, after he's gotten to know her better, but he never explains to her why he chooses to obay her requests all the while still harasses her. He does it mostly for attention.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some Facts About Milly

SO a few Facts about Milly… the problem with her is that I’ve only really developed her future. I’ve kept her past a mystery, cause she is a bit of a "put yourself in her shoes" sort of character. Rather bland on purpose, but that’s NEVER a good thing to do. It’s certainly something I don’t like about those types of characters, so why would I MAKE one like that?…Honestly she is a small avatar for me, so I should try and make her more of her own person.

So some facts.

Milly likes crazy electronic music, including Dubstep. She uses it once to mess with all the ghosts in the Hotel cause it bothers ALL of them and she can walk around like it’s no big deal, because she listens to it all the time. It’s a bit of a means of fucking with Grunder, and unfortunately everyone else has to suffer cause he was being a dick.

Milly inherited the Hotel from a long distance cousin who died. The family threw it on her cause they knew the hotel was cursed and thought the only way to deal with the deed was to throw it at an unsuspecting American. Milly never really meets these people cause they were all related through marriage, so she has no means to contact them other then to say ‘thanks’ ironically. How her cousin came of the hotel is a longer story.

Milly is a shut in, and while I’ve honestly never figured out why she takes the deed, she doesn’t have knowledge of where her parents are at. Apparently they’re explorers, and go around the world just looking for cool new stuff to discover. Sometimes she gets a post card from them where they last set foot, but they always say she should leave the house more often and they love and miss her.

She does like to draw a lot, and facebooks very often with her little doodles about what she does during the day or her funny ideas. She’s made more friends on facebook cause of that, then she felt she could do in real life.

Milly’s favourite foods are poptarts (chocolate), apples, and ramen…she adapted to not needing much to eat during the day. If she can’t fit it in her pockets, she doesn’t buy it. She already likes tea, and was excited that England’s teas are really that good.

 Milly likes Baloney. She’ll eat baloney and mayo sammiches, and make faces out of the slices of Baloney. She also likes a lot of juvenile activities as it’s taken her a while to grow up in her habits. She still has a pair of Jellies from the 80’s that her mom used to wear, and prefers to use them over Crocs. I do need to draw her in different outfits…that could be another sketch page.

This page was done recently when I was visting my friend Abby and she kidnapped my drawing paper and littered it with all these wonderful drawings of Milly, Grunder, and a wonderfully spooky Russle. She made Milly’s hair long in the back never occurred to me to draw, cause I’m so used to drawing everyone’s hair short in the back.

Then we just had some fun doodling faces and fucking up Grunder’s mood with Egg shitting rabbits…True fact, Cadbury Eggs didn’t exist until about the 20’s, but the company was making Chocolate drinks during the 1800’s so Grunder would’ve known was Cadbury was…just have no fucking idea why they made cream filled eggs.

A factoid from Abby’s side: Nick Archade likes Grunder…but it’s more like a folklore legend in his mind, and they’re non canonically connected. It’s the same way Bart Simpson likes Radioactive Man, Grunder is a story/comic Nick is aware of in his own world, and likes Him. He could possibly have nightmare sex fantasies about Grunder pinning him down in bed, but I’ll leave that to Abby to write.

And Spongebab…that is all.